Shocka: Luton Protestor Against British Troops is Airport Baggage Handler…….

Suicidal Brits employ Muslim fundamentalist at airport

Kuffar baggage handlerVia: Shiek Yer MamiTroops nut has Luton jet job

A MUSLIM fanatic who yelled vile abuse at British soldiers just back from Iraq has been suspended from his job as a baggage handler at Luton Airport. Jalal Ahmed was in the 15-strong hate mob that hijacked a homecoming parade for 200 Royal Anglian troops. The extremists branded the hero soldiers “baby killers” as they marched through Luton, Beds, on Tuesday. Ahmed was pictured on the front page of yesterday’s Sun holding a banner which read “Butchers of Basra” during the protest. He works for Menzies Aviation and has access to security-sensitive areas at Luton airport.John Geddes, group company secretary of Menzies Aviation, said today: “We can confirm that Jalal Ahmed is a contracted employee of Menzies Aviation. He is not a full-time employee and has a zero hours contract. “All employees are subject to a five-year criminal record check and airport authority checks before they can be given an airside pass to work on the airport. Jalal Ahmed passed these checks. “Menzies Aviation has safety and security as its number one priority at all times. We are carrying out a full internal investigation and until such times as this is complete we have rescinded Jalal Ahmed’s airport pass and he will not be offered any work with us.” A source said last night that Ahmed had already been told not to come to work for a few days “for his own safety”. It is believed he has worked for Menzies for about two years.

But that’s not all, local “Building Bridges” Muslim says there’s nothing to worry about, it was only 15 hot heads that showed up. But as the TT reminded everyone this morning, the Muslim community didn’t even try to raise its profile in support of the troops. Go check the Sheik, he’s got much much more. KGS

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