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US: Obama Gives NIC Pick ‘Chas’ Freeman the Boot…….

Doesn’t look good for the Obama administration

Another Man Down

Kathy Shaidle: On Monday, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair announced that Charles Freeman had withdrawn his name from consideration for the post of Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC), ending weeks of acrimonious debate that had been triggered by Freeman’s nomination. But while Freeman has receded from the spotlight, his selection to a critical intelligence post – despite a deeply troubling political background – lingers as a dark cloud over the Obama administration.


How telling that someone like Freeman, before his fall, had been appointed by the Obama administration for such a sensitive position, especially one that did not require Congressional approval. Given Freeman’s undisputed ties to Saudi Arabia and China, any advice he would have offered the President could well have been compromised by conflicts of interest. The results might have proven fatal. Although Freeman was not personally appointed by Obama, the administration allowed the controversy to build for days without comment. The fiasco is another embarrassment for a new administration whose brief transition period has already been marred by similar examples of confusion and poor judgment coming out of the White House.

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Farewell to a very bad choice for the NIC

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  1. This bs article. Chas Freeman’s reason for having to resign was because he didn’t toe the line for Israel. He is actually loyal to The United States of America and not a traitor who puts Israeli interest above U.S. interests like AIPAC, joe Lieberman, Chuck Schumer, or Alan Dersowitz would want.

  2. And you have proof readily available that Freeman wasn’t in the pocket of the Saudis?

    Get real.

    The only reason the US has a special relationship with Israel, is solely due to US self interests, nothing more nothing less.

    ‘Chas’ would rather press for the ‘Saudis’ to enjoy a ‘special relationship’ at the Israelis’ expense, though such a thing would not be in the US’s own best interests.

    Chas’s “clientitis” is obvious to all, except to Barack Hussein Obama, which should give pause to every freedom loving American.

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