Letter to the Editor…….

Blogger TINSC comments on the recent riots at the Davis Cup
in Malmö Sweden

TINSC: Could this be sort of a repeat of “Miracle On Ice?”
1980US hockey team of amateur and collegiate players

celebrate beating the USSR

2009Israeli tennis players celebrate beating Swedenwhile 6000 Jew haters screamed murder outside the hall

I’d also add that I think this story (and particularly reports of violent protests) is being under-reported. That an Israeli team should have to endure this kind of abuse is outrageous. The Davis Cup is a major high-profile international sports competition. It would be nice if the sports sanctioning authority spoke out against this kind of behavior and did their best to discourage it. And hey! Doesn’t Sweden have “hate speech” laws? Not that I think “hate speech” laws are constructive, but I think it bears notice on how they are applied. It says something about the government of Sweden and its law enforcement agencies. KGS, there’s something very, very wrong with the lack of media coverage on this. I’m glad you reported the story. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have known about it.

Thanks TINSC, and to all the rest who appreciate the time and effort that goes into publishing this blog on a daily basis. It makes it all the more worthwhile. KGSUPDATE: Read more:The Swedish Emirate

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