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Israel Beats Sweden in Historical Match at the Davis Cup……!

Racist demonstrations outside the hall does not deter the Israeli squad

Israeli team rejoices: winners of historical tennis match

As Pamela said:


Mammoth match seals Israel victory

Davis Cup: There was joy for Harel Levy as Israel completed a remarkable comeback to defeat Sweden 3-2 in their Davis Cup by BNP Paribas World Group first round tie in Malmo today. The 30-year-old defeated home town player Andreas Vinciguerra 64 46 64 36 86 in 3 hours 34 minutes to inspire celebrations among his teammates and the small but enthusiastic group of Israeli supporters.

This is only the second time in its history that Israel has reached the World Group quarterfinals, and the team can now look forward to a home tie against Russia. For Sweden it was the first defeat ever in the Davis Cup history leading 2-1, since the country made the debut in the tournament in 1925.

Historical achievement by Israel

“We made history this weekend and I hope people at home appreciate our win over a fantastic Davis Cup country”, we have learned a lot from the Swedish team from last year. How they had a good spirit together and behaved very professional. We are also really looking forward to a quarter final against Russia in July, said the captain Eyal Ran in the final press conference.

Bless ya boys! KGS
H/T: (Finn) buuri johannesbuurista :”Sweden loses the match too. I never been this happy after a tennis match… Hmm… this was the first time I ever followed tennis a bit.”

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  1. Could this be sort of a repeat of “Miracle On Ice?”

  2. I’d also add that I think this story (and particularly reports of violent protests) is being under-reported.

    That an Israeli team should have to endure this kind of abuse is outrageous. The Davis Cup is a major high-profile international sports competition. It would be nice if the sports sanctioning authority spoke out against this kind of behavior and did their best to discourage it.

    And hey! Doesn’t Sweden have “hate speech” laws? Not that I think “hate speech” laws are constructive, but I think it bears notice on how they are applied. It says something about the government of Sweden and its law enforcement agencies.

    KGS, there’s something very, very wrong with the lack of media coverage on this. I’m glad you reported the story. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have known about it.

  3. Yea, Sweden lost. And we lost the tennis match too. I don’t think that that many swedes cared about the latter though. I think that the protesters cared even less. Most of them weren’t Swedish. They may hold Swedish passports but they don’t consider themselves Swedish and they don’t feel any loyalty to this country. Most of those protesters would probably even cheer at the joy some here have expressed about this victory. Having Sweden portrayed as an enemy of Israel probably delights them to no en. Well not MY Sweden! Those fighting are NOT *MY* people even though they probably hold the same national passport.

    It is easy to get the impression that most Swedes, when choosing between “palestinians” and Jews/Israel, will most of the time choose “Palestinians”. I don’t believe this to be true at all. I do however believe that this is true for a very great part of the Swedish journalists. The rest…they’re often times afraid that being pro-israeli is labeled as racist. For most Swedes, what anger them the most about the Israel/”palestine” conflict is what we saw in Malmö. It’s not the Israeli’s me mind, it’s the Palestinians – and granted, some do blame Israel for this.

    I know that some years ago I saw a report where over 20% of journalists in Sweden described themselves as communist (with a clear minority non-socialist). I suspect that the same holds true today. I’d say at most a tenth of that number would hold true for the population in total. This produces a bias in most Swedish media. Israeli retaliatory strikes will be reported with gruesome images. Frequently there will be no reports of the attacks that caused the retaliation. Certainly no images of any wounded Israelis or crying and hurt Israeli children. It’s strange though. I express pro-Israel opinions at work on a regular bases. I don’t get that may counter arguments from my fellow Swedes usually. I get some from a few middle eastern (non-“palestinian”) ones but not rabid ones. Frankly, they seem to have more issues with other middle easterners than with Israel. And some issues with Swedes, of course. And considering how far back some of these wrongs that they complain other middle easterners committed against them goes, I suspect that even should they leave Sweden tomorrow, 3000 years from now, they’ll still talk about how unjustly Sweden treated them.

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