Malmö Sweden: Leftist Protest Against Israeli Tennis Match Fizzles on First Day…….

Epic Fail!
Grand convergence of the Leftists in Malmö draws only 40 people
Journalists tried to hide their disappointment!

Perhaps Leftists had second thoughts that the Nazis would stand there with them!
The riots did not occur in Malmö

Malmö, the expected violent incidents around the Davis Cup in malmö did not occur on friday. The large assembly of press that was there was in line to interview some of the few demonstrators. The security seal-off around the Baltiska Hallen has two entrances, guarded by a large police contingent.

At one of them, some demonstrators stood with a sign saying “Gaza in our mind” At the other entrance a sign said “Israel must be put to trial” There was 10, tops 20, demonstrators at each sign. If there was 10 journalist for each demonstrator, then it was 10 police officers for each journalist.

Let’s hope the trend continues, Israel will be playing another match today. And the Malmö City Council banned the public from viewing the match, what a bunch of fools . KGS

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