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Islam in Europe: Sweden: Israeli taekwondo Team Stays Home After Terror Threats…….

What happens when the Muslim population in a Western city reaches critical mass? You’ll see intimidation coupled with the threatening of violence and general mayhem towards any individual or group that they disagree with. KGS

From Esther at Islam in Europe:

An Israeli taekwondo delegation, consisting of 45 athletes and 5 coaches, was supposed to travel last weekend to Trelleborg for the Swedish championship (Trelleborg Open). However, the trip was canceled due to threats by a Muslim organization.

The Swedish Federation warned the Israeli delegation that they had concrete threats of an attack on the Israelis during the competition. They asked the Israeli delegation to cancel the trip due to security problems and the flight was indeed canceled.

A senior Swedish taekwondo official told his colleagues in Israel: “Ten thousand members of a Muslim organization are threatening to settle the account with you because of the war in Gaza.” The threat was received by email from somebody claiming to represent a pro-Palestinian organization.

The chairman of the Israeli taekwondo federation, Michel Madar, confirmed the report and told ONE: “We’re trying to act through the international taekwondo associations so that such things won’t happen again. In any case, we’re treating this whole story very seriously.” Madar even involved the Israeli foreign and sports ministries and the International Olympic Committee.

The Junior European Championship will take place in the same hall in Trelleborg in May, and the Israeli taekwondo federation hopes that the young athletes will be able to participate even if there are additional

H/T: Esther: Islam in Europe

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  1. What a disgusting religion islam is. Those responsible for this scum entering our countries should be tried for treason! Sweden is at the crossroads where the 2010 elections will prove to be critical whether the country is to succumb to islamization or not. If the left-wing consisting of Mona “Muslim”(as she popularly is refered to on Swedish Blogs and forums) Sahlin and the Social Democrats with their marionettes the Communists and The Greens prevail, we can kiss this country goodbye. All hope is on the shoulders of the Sweden Democrats. Good results would signal a mandate for change that would be difficult for the already esablished parties to ignore.

  2. Sverige. Now officially the WUSS capital of the world.

    Time for all the Swedes to emmigrate to Oz and leave the joint to the Muslims.

    Maybe we can inject some steel into their plastic spines.

    As I have said on previous occasions . . . PATHETIC.

    I agree with Freethinker but would not be too hopeful about the elections.

    Sweden used to be admired by all the world.


  3. The scum I hope you are referring to Freethinker, are those religionists who are not “modernist” Muslims and want us to exchange our Weestern values and culture for….theirs.

  4. Excuse my somewhat vehement denunciation of Muslims as a collective group KGS, the invective naturally was not meant for the modernists” that have no problem accepting our values and as few as they may be, they do exist. I was referring to those that distance themselves in both action and theory from Western society. It evokes my anger when trash like that in Rosengård, with the obvious approval of their imams(nothing within Islamic society takes place without clearance from a religious authority) hijack open society and hold it ransom with threats of violence if not accommodated. We see it everywhere in Europe and it is becoming ever so apparent even here.

  5. To Anonymous. Running away will not solve anything. Indirectly everyone old enough to vote during the past decades can be blamed for the situation, firstly by electing lunatics into office, and secondly by consenting to the ludicrous immigration policies that followed. We live in a democracy so we only get the leadership we deserve, not to say we actually deserve it lol futhermore change is possible. While there’s life there’s hope. Time will tell whether Swedes belong to the delusional fools that unwittingly ended up advancing their own destruction.

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