Humanitarian Mask Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld’s Book ‘Humanitarian Mask’ Now Available Free Online…….

Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld recently contacted the Tundra Tabloids and asked whether the TT would link to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, where his book is now available to be read for free online. Dr.Gerstenfeld, please consider it done! KGS

Book can be viewed here for free.

NOTE: The TT’s side bar has promoted Dr.Manfred Gerstenfled’s seminal work “Humanitarian Mask” for some time now, it will now be updated with the same link, so feel free to use it at anytime. KGS

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  1. I took the trouble to read the section concerning Finland. I think too much emphasis is based on Elina Sana’s research, which the historians do not necessarily regard as reliable. And I don’t agree that any kind of Truth Commission is necessary.

    Also Heikki Ylikangas is known for his controversial views that sometimes do not reflect the available facts accurately.

    However, the report also acknowledged the fact that no Finnish Jews were given to the Germans. The case of the eight Central European Jews extradited to Gestapo is well documented and has been known for quite some time.

    When it comes to punishing Finnish war criminals, it was done according to the wishes of the Russians. Finnish public did not regard the war crimes trials as justified.

    The reason Toivo Horelli was not convicted as a war criminal was because Jews were secondary or of little importance in the eyes of the Russians.

    And it is also a well known fact that the USSR did not care about Soviet POW’s. Stalin even let his own son die in the hands of the Germans. My Grandmother worked in a POW camp serving food to the Soviet prisoners. The quality and nutrinional value of the food was not necessarily very good.

    Most of the Soviet POW’s had to serve a second round of imprisonment in the Gulag, which often is not mentioned in this context.

  2. Here’s Ylikangas’ article about the eight Jewish refugees extradited to Germany.

    Luovutetut (In Finnish)

    Ylikangas’ conclusion was that Finnish government caved in to German pressure in order to secure grain, fuel and weapons supplies, on which Finland was dependent at the time.

    The act was despicable and the extraditions were stopped once the information became public. Social Democrats in the government resisted the extraditions.

    It is not clear who was the responsible person in this case. The official explanation puts the blame to Arno Anthoni (head of State Police Valpo) but the real responsible person was the Minister of Interior Toivo Horelli who was Anthoni’s superior.

    It is not clear if President Ryti was involved in the case.

    According to Finnish Wikipedia, Horelli (National Coalition Party) held antisemitic views. However, it is unlikely that antisemitism had anything to do with the extradition of the eight Jewish refugees.

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