UK: ‘Ahmed of Lard’ Receives Only 12 Week Jail Sentence…….

One law for them, one for us

Ahmed of Lard: “British Justice is much too harsh”Lord Ahmed jailed over fatal crash

The Labour peer Lord Ahmed was today jailed for 12 weeks for dangerous driving after admitting he was texting while driving on a motorway just before being involved in a fatal crash. The court had previously heard how Ahmed sent and received five text messages while driving in the dark at speeds of 60mph and higher along a 17-mile stretch of the M1 on Christmas Day 2007.

Killing an infidel will get you only 12 weeks in the slammer. How much you want to bet that he’ll be out in six weeks? KGSUPDATE: An outraged commentor at the British blog, Harry’s Place, states: “I am at this minute marshalling 10,000 protesters to make that 12 years.”

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