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Geert Wilders Interviewed on US Talk Show: We Need a European First Amendment…….

It’s one of the stark differences between the US and the UK. The founding fathers of the nascent US republic had the wisdom to enshrine within its constitution, the fundamental right to speak one’s mind. The First Amendment guarantees the right to tell others what they do not wish to hear, and is deeply embedded not only within written US law, but most importantly, it has become an identifying symbol of what makes a US citizen a true American.
If you’re not willing to defend a person’s right to speak his or her mind no matter how much you may disagree with the perspective being uttered, then you are for a tyranny, and willfully subscribe to the notion that, the state itself, will decide for you what is permissable speech, what can be heard, read and thought within its domain. That’s what recently happened in the UK with it’s ban of freedom fighter, Geert Wilders, from entering the British Isle to show his movie, Fitna. KGS

H/T: Atlas

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