Operation Cast Lead

Warned but Refusing to Leave, Sheikh Nizar Rayyan Gets Nailed…….

It says a lot about the Hamas organization’s social networking skills, placing people in harms way whenever possible, is of top priority in their terrorist handbook. KGS

J’lem Post: The IAF on Thursday bombed a building in the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza, reportedly killing seven people, including senior Hamas leader and cleric Sheikh Nizar Rayyan, and injuring thirty others.
Army Radio reported that according to Palestinian sources, his family was warned before the attack but did not leave the building. Earlier, the IAF launched a quick-fire response shortly after a Grad-type missile slammed into the top floor of an Ashdod building.
UPDATE: The terrorists are scurrying, as the IAF targets another building housing a Hamas commander who was stock piling weapons and ammunition in a public sector.
The IAF continued its strikes in Gaza as part of Operation Cast Lead Thursday evening. An Israeli fighter jet struck the house of senior Hamas commander Nabil Amrin in the Sheikh Radwan area. The house reportedly contained large amounts of weapons and ammunition. Several explosions occurred at the place following the air raid, but it is unclear at this point whether Amrin had been hit.”

2 Responses

  1. Thats too bad,

    well not really but I guess I’m suppose to say that

  2. It’s a two-fer! They got the bad-guy AND his family.

    What were they doing hanging around him during an aerial bombardment when they knew he was a target? Either he forced them to stay or they are idiots.

    Either way, I’m not buying this propaganda that the Israelis are killing non-combatants. The Israelis are doing what they can to limit non-combatant casualties. In the mean time, HAMAS knows what they have to do to make the war stop.

    It is HAMAS that has perpetuated the War Against Israel. HAMAS thought they could wage war against Israel with impunity. They were wrong. Still, they continue to wage war against Israel firing artillery at the Jewish State’s cities.

    So be it! I have no sympathy for Hamas or the Gaza Arabs who insist on supporting them.

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