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Report From Austria: Rise of Anti-Semitism Can no Longer be Ignored…….

The Tundra Tabloids Austrian colleague, ESW files the following news report on the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, parsing an ORF news article and translating for us the more relevent portions. Attacks on Jews can no longer be ignored by those who wish to, it’s just too noticeable for them to shove under the table. KGS

ESW: The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation is finally realizing that there are too many attacks on Jews to ignore the situation.

European politicians are gravely concerned about the attacks on Jews. Following an arson attack in France, Italy is now shocked about a call not to buy from Jewish shops.”

The report then goes on to report about the attack on a Jewish girl in France and the attacks in Belgium.

We came to the conclusion that the situation is certainly an explosive one,” says a Belgian official. In Antwer, a Muslim and a Jewish group jointly issued a statement saying that “we have different views on the conflict, but that is no reason to carry this conflict into Belgium.”
Jewish groups in Germany also voiced their concern, especially after the arson attacks in Denmark. IN Great Britain approximately 20-25 attacks on Jews have been registered by a Jewish group called Community Security Trust.

The Vatican has been heavily criticized: A spokesperson of the Vatican compared Gaza to “a concentration camp”. “Just look at the way these people are living”, said Cardinal Renato Martini, in charge of human rights at the Vatican. He echoed Jean-Marie Le Pen’s remarks who also compared the Gaza strip with a concentration camp.

Cardinal Martini was immediately criticized by the Israeli defense ministry, a criticism he did not accept. “My point is not to defend Hamas, but to show that what is happening in Gaza is inhumane and terrible.”

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  1. Melanie Phillips has a report of an attack on a Jewish man during the ongoing Kampfzeit in londonistan. I’m afraid that the street attack, conducted by two ‘Asian’ ‘men’ of course, is of no surprise in itself, rather the advice of the police to the family who sheltered the assaulted man is what I found disturbing.

    The advice was, given the situation on the streets, that the family move to safer area until things calm down. Talk about appeasement, but maybe they were being mindful of their ‘diversity training’, and therefore did not wish to aggravate the threatening ‘Asians’. However, I saw it as nothing but surrender to the grievance spouting submissives.


  2. Thank you Crowsbeak, I’ll check it out.

    The correct response would have been a serious message from the police to any or all Muslims, that racial – religious violence would not be tolerated.

    All offenders would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Any foreigners caught promoting or acting in on the violence would be deported. KGS

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