A Moment About Anti-Semitism…….

In an earlier post about how Turkey is quickly devolving into state that is accepting anti-Semitism as fundamental right, The TT received the following comment that is answered in both, the video supplied by the blogger Kumitonttu, and a few words left by an anonymous commenter. The best detergent for race hate and illogical thinking is the light of day.

From the Comment Section……. “The world hasn’t gone crazy. The world is voicing its opinion. Did it ever occur to you that people hate Jews and Israel for a reason?”

From the Comment box: Oh really . . . !

And what is that reason? Do please enlighten us all. And while you are about it, make sure your facts are actual facts, not spurious propaganda, and that your argument is reasoned, and not studded with logical fallacies. So come on and let us all benefit from what you are able to advice us. I await your response with bated breath. On second thoughts maybe you ought not to bother – you are probably going to reiterate all the nonsense spouted by socialist politicans and left wing media who constantly whine about the Gaza Arabs and their desparate plight -no fault of their own of course.

People say. . well, the Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank voted for the Hamas in a democratic election. As Bibi said to some BBC dhimmi . . Well – Hitler was also elected by the people of Germany

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  1. What?! Didn’t you even have the decency to come up with a name for your sock puppet, Sikorski?

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