Israeli/Palestinian Conflict World Hypocricy

Lets Compare Gaza to Other Conflicts……

When looking at the Gaza-Israel war, it’s wise to keep a certain amount of perspective, the world consistently acts in one way, while it expects that the Israelis should act differently. This kind of reasoning borders on anti-Semitism, by placing higher expectations upon Jews than the West would dare place upon itself. Then on top of that, they’re demonized for being more careful than the Western forces have been in similar circumstances. KGS
Yugoslavia claimed that NATO attacks caused between 1,200 and 5,700 civilian casualties. NATO acknowledged killing at most 1,500 civilians. Human Rights Watch counted a minimum of 488 civilian deaths (90 to 150 of them killed from cluster bomb use) in 90 separate incidents. Attacks in Kosovo overall were more deadly – a third of the incidents account for more than half of the deaths. //

In 2006, at least 929 Afghan civilians were killed in fighting related to the armed conflict. Of those, at least 699 died during Taliban attacks (including suicide bombings and other bombings unlawfully targeting civilians) and at least 230 died during US or NATO attacks. Of the latter, 116 were killed by US or NATO airstrikes.

In 2007, at least 1,633 Afghan civilians were killed in fighting related to the armed conflict. Of those, some 950 died during attacks by the various insurgent forces, including the Taliban and al-Qaeda. At least 321 were killed by US or NATO airstrikes. Thus, civilian deaths from US and NATO airstrikes nearly tripled from 2006 to 2007.
In the first seven months of 2008, at least 540 Afghan civilians were killed in fighting related to the armed conflict. Of those, at least 367 died during attacks by the various insurgent forces and 173 died during US or NATO attacks. At least 119 were killed by US or NATO airstrikes. For all periods cited, Human Rights Watch uses the most conservative figures available.

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  1. But this Cast Lead has killed more than 1000 people in less than three weeks.
    On Day 20, at least 1028 Palestinians are dead, among them
    311 are children and 76 are women.

    The number of wounded, according to the the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) citing Palestinian Ministry of Health figures, is 4,418, of whom 1,549 are children and 652 are women.

    This is shameful.

  2. If the Israelis defended its citizens the way the Brits, the French, the Americans and the Russians did during WWII, then Gaza would be flattened and there wouldn’t be any talk of humanitarian aid being sent in its mortal enemies.

    All those killed are the full responsibility of Hamas, which both uses its people as human shields, as well as firing discriminately into Israeli civilian population centers.

    Of their number killed, the overwhelming majority have been Hamas operatives, and of the women and children, it’s fair to say that many from that number have been a part of the fighing as well.

    Sure its shamefull, the Hamas shold be ashamed that they put such a low value on someones life like they do, but being a genocidal group somehow maeks them immune to any such feelings of remorse.

  3. First of all, please try to use the spell check before posting. Will make this blog look more professional

    Now, I see history repeating itself. A few decades ago Jews were being killed right and left and now the state of Israel ( not all Jews ) are doing the same to the Arabs. To say that the UK, the Western Europe and Russia defended its citizens in WWII and compare it to the current situation is like comparing Apples and Oranges. Israel is an occupying state (in its influence, physical presence and embargos) supports the puppet governments of Palestinian Authority and has never lived up to its agreements or International Law (not Arab, not Muslim, not regional but International Law) The UK, Western Europe and Russia were not occupiers, were not aggressors and were truly defending themselves.

    The state of Israel is an aggressor and is strong not because of its own doing….its actions come about just due to the support US and Canada gives it. If we stop supporting Israel it will not exist. Without the military and financial aid it will be as effective as the Hamas. Then it may get interesting to see how strong the State of Israel really is ?

    For example, some facts about Isreal:
    60 years of Misery & Ethnic-cleansing
    6 wars
    4 million Palestinian Refugees
    3 million Occupied
    1.5 million Abducted-hostages
    254 km of an Apartheid- Wall
    562 Humiliation-check-points
    20K Political-prisoners
    400 Children held in Israeli Captivity
    468,831 new settlers on an Occupied land
    Disappearance of Palestine
    World Leader in UN Violations- 69

    (facts from UN and Amnesty Int'l)

  4. You could care less how “professional” this blog looks, so spare me the fake concern which is as fake as your “facts”. It does not surpise that the UN and AI are your sources, both organizations have been corrupted for decades which explains their nonsensical claims.

    1.) Israel is killing Arabs because they have embarked on a suicidal dream of trying to eradicate the Jewish state from existence. You might want to lie down and bear your neck to your mortal enemies, but don’t expect Jews to do so just tp please you.

    2.) Israel occupies the WB becuase it has to, not because it wants to.

    3.) The comparison to WWII is valid, but I can understand why that bothers you so, becuase it explains exactly what Israel could do, but does not, because it restrains itself.

    4.) Israel defends itself as all other sovereign states would do under the same circumstances. Your labeling Israel as an aggressor speaks more about your own misguided notions of the conflict, than the reality of the situation.

    5.) 6 Wars, and you place them all on Israel, how telling.

    6.) Necessity is the mother of invention. If the US were to remove its support, Jews would cope, just as they have done in the past, but it would make for an even more dangerous Middle East, because it would place Israel in a position of having less or “no room” for error, which would lead to even more conflicts then before.

    You never thought of that one did you?

    An Israel joined at the hip of the US has kept the region more stable than without that alliance. It will continue because America sees in Israel a trust worthy partner in a sea of despotic states, that can maintain the status quo and protect US interests.

  5. I am sorry that you think that you think having some credibility also comes from having a well written sentence… but if you don’t see the merit in it…. I can only wish that you do. I am surely convinced of my concern and inference

    From the other issue.. can we have a healthy and positive dialogue instead of inciting rhetoric.

    In reality, the Muslims and the Jews had lived together for eternity, there was NO problem. So I ask why a problem that stemmed 50-60 years or even 100 years ago ? What changed… is it Muslims fault, is it coincidental o the action that Nazi’s were doing in Europe? or is it a some other agenda?
    I have an “inclination” that from whatever has been written and what I have read ( from Isreali, Jewish, Muslim and Palestinian side ) that its more political than religious, its really about the necessity of having a homeland coupled with the power that is exerted by the now powerful and more vocal Zionist right wing.

    In all of this..we can sit here an blame the other side for false evidence from UN, AI ( which I am sorry I do stand by ) but the facts are facts and the aggressor here is the State of Isreal…. let me ask you a question. Do you support the Zionist Agenda or are you a true Jew (as my brother)?
    thanks and hope I can say my peace here

  6. That's rich Anon, you give a snarky pot shot at spelling which in then followed by fake concern over the blog's professionalism, and then you cry foul in your next comment when I ain't buying any of it.

    Inciteful rhetoric indeed.

    You are only fooling yourself, perhaps it's why you comment anonymously.

    Anon: "In reality, the Muslims and the Jews had lived together for eternity, there was NO problem."

    I think not:


    Anon:"So I ask why a problem that stemmed 50-60 years or even 100 years ago ? What changed… is it Muslims fault, is it coincidental o the action that Nazi's were doing in Europe? or is it a some other agenda?"

    Coupled with traditional Islamic anti-Semitism and the infusion of new types of anti-Semitic motifs spread by the German National Socialists, the al-Husseini clan in Mandate Palestine took to driving Jews out, while the Nashashibi clan chose to overlook Islamic anti-Semitism and welcome Jews into the Mandate area.


    If you can't see the religious element in the calls for Jihad against the Jew locally and world wide by Hamas and Hezbollah and even within the Fattah, then I doubt anything I say will persuade you.

    You can present anything as facts, like Noam Chomsky, but it's validity rests upon whether it can be proved or not….

    Lets take your "facts of ethnic cleasing".

    1.) The population of the Arabs in the WB and Gaza are increasing, so much so that it has caused Israel to rethink about incorporating it into Israel proper. Israel now only talks of exchange of territories as a result.

    2.) 6 wars. Oh I get it, you think that Israel is to blame for all of them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    3.) Four million refugees? There are only around 200 000 actual refugees alive today…and 4 million of their relatives.

    4.) The number is far too high, Gaza is not occupied, though now it's being correctly dislodged from Hamas terrorists and their Qassams (which use is a war crime)

    5.) Israel is duty bound by international law to arrest anyone committing acts of terrorism. Go bitch and complain to the internatiol lawyers if you disgaree.


    6.) Security fence consists of about 5-6 klm of concrete wall, the rest (97%) is chainlink fence.


    7.) Check points save lives. There is no apology about that.

    8.) There are no political prisoners in Israeli jails, but those convicted of a number of different crimes ranging from theft to murder.

    9.) Children in jail? I wonder if they are any of these:


    10). It's disputed territory, as much as Kashmir is disputed by India and Pakistan.


    Palestine, like Scandinavia, is/was the name of a region, not a state. It passed from existence the moment the UN voted in favor of dividing the greatly reduced portion that at one time included Trans-Jordan (you know, that other Palestinian state) into two states, one Jewish and the other Arab.

    The Arabs said no, the Jews said yes, and there you have it.

    11.) 69 UN violations is hogwsh, what you fail to add, is that they (the lion share) were issued by UN General body, politically motivated, as well as being non-binding. The rest issued by the UNSC did not have the full vote by the permanent five member states, thus relegating them to being a non-binding resolution.

    So Israeal can't be in violation of something that is not enforceable under international law.

    So much for your facts.

  7. Very well responded in just verbiage but lacking substance….. nothing about the disregard for the UN resolutions and repeated agreements calling on the State of Isreal to get out of Gaza, West Bank and Palestinian land.

    You do seem one sided in your response. Me being a third party to this conflict if you did ( assuming you are not responding to my comments of Isreal being a zionist and NOT Jewish state) Isreal is a occupier and not based on religion but an Ideology of ill will. I hope you never think of doing what you did in palestine on American soil, becasue we will never tolerate that and that will be end of Zoinists

    Please respond to my question on the terms of NO more support from US/Canada and equalization (some what provided from related partners in the conflict) if provided ( I don’t think it will happen in the near term ) will deliver the change in balance in the conflict? Will the Zionist State of Isreal be a bit more considerate ? Will they be in condition of using Nuclear Weapons? What if Palestinians were in the same situations? What is the limit the State of Isreal be willing to go to?

    No Support from US and a “super armed” resistance/ insurgence / etc ?

    God help us all

    Note to self; I should rethink paying indirectly to YOU and NOT help the State of Isreal (Zionists) through my taxes. I’d help any Christian, Jew and Muslim in real need but the killers are out of questions

  8. The State of Isreal should allow Independent as well as established ( barring some media outlets such as Al Jazzera) to enter in the Gaza Strip. I can see that you are busy putting up positive spin on the new from Gaza and the war front… but please be a bit more objective in reporting NOT commenting… let the World judge your report not your comments please

    ur Anon contributor

  9. I responded with substance, far more than what you have brought to the plate.

    I’ll wait in responding until you have read the material that I have linked to first, then we can continue.

  10. Hey … I posted more comments after this but somehow are not appearing on the website>

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