DC Anti-Israel March 09

It’s a PR Thing: Hezbollah Flag Waving Supporter Not Welcome at Pro-Hamas March in DC…….

SDBaxter sends the Tundra Tabloids a film clip from the same DC anti-Israel march, which was taken later in the evening.
According to SDBaxter:Two marchers at the DC Gaza Protest 01/02/2009 berate a marcher carrying a Hezbollah flag. The marcher is told he is not welcome, and that he should leave. Unheard on the video, the beraters commented to the effect that having the Hezbollah flag present was unneeded negative publicity that would be welcomed by the media.”
Actually, the media could care less which genocidal group is marching against Israel, they have a soft spot for them all. KGS

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  1. Yes it´s a disgusting sight isn´t it. Leftist trash hand in hand with islamists calling for the one sided condemnation of Israel in this conflict, the burning of Israels flag etc. The scene could be from some backward city in the islamic belt but alas it is from Stockholm, the self-proclaimed hypocritical capital of the world´s conscience, the insane beacon of political correctness and ethno-suicidal cultural relativism where it´s ok for a politician of the largest party in the country to mock Swedish culture as being boring and lacking in substantial content and value whereas the contribution of multicultural enrichment is praised as heaven sent. Yes our balcony culture will never be the same again after hoardes of muslims have entered the country and teenage girls are now encouraged to take a leap of faith from 5 stories or higher up by male family members. The disproportionately high numbers of sex offenders (50-70% has been mentioned)and perpetrators of other violent crimes are muslim men. Honor killings and female genital mutlation were unheard of in Swedish society before this trash was allowed in. Culture enrichment indeed! Mona Sahlin, that same politician is again in the limelight, siding with islamo-fascists and ultra-leftist scum in yesterdays Anti-Israel rally. I as a Finn residing in Sweden am privilaged to be able to follow the media coverage in both countries. The mainstream media, politicians and cultural elite in Sweden have right from the start taken a disgustingly biased stance in this conflict condemning Israels show of force as disproportional and criminal and the one sided coverage of suffering Palestinians is hysterical in comparison to how much television time is given to Israels citizens suffering constantly from Hamas rockets or to how coverage was given to the victims of the attack on Mumbai. I have followed events folding in both YLE and SVT, the Swedish equivalent and ditto newspapers and I have to say, even though the Finnish reporting too has been rather one sided with an obvious bias favouring the Palestinians, at least the Finnish media let the other side be heard in A-Talk where the panel supporting Israel, in my opinion came out the strongest. Here in Sweden the press(both the left and the right) plus the TV have engaged in an unprecedented act of brainwashing where the viewer or reader in coverage after coverage is lead to believe that Israel not only is the cause of the conflict but is a perpertrator of horrific warcrimes. I get the feeling that i´m living in the last Soviet state that somehow survived the cold war. It´s bloody disgusting! One should be able to lodge a complaint against media bias concerning coverage of important world events. I really enjoy reading your blog, keep up the excellent work.


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