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Hamas Gangs Kill Fattah Members…….

The Tundra Tabloids agrees with Debbie Schlussel, when it’s all said and done, Hamas & Fattah’s battling it out to see who’s the chief of the turd pile, is nothing more than a live version of Alien vs. Predator. Who wins is of little concern to Israel, they both want the same thing, the destruction of the Jewish state. What’s most important however, is that they decimate each others ranks as much as possible, thereby limiting Israel’s work considerably.

Here’s the latest from Palestine Media Watch: Hamas gangs kill Fatah members in Gaza

Hamas has murdered “dozens of Fatah members” in the Gaza Strip for merely violating the Hamas-imposed house arrest. According to the Palestinian daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida the atrocities, which also included shooting people in the legs, has created a backlash in the West Bank and caused “anger, which influenced the level of popular activities carried out in solidarity with the Gaza residents in the towns Ramallah and El-Bira.” In addition, the popular Palestinian singer, Jamal Najar, condemned Hamas as “gangs of anarchic security forces,” describing how Hamas murdered his cousin right in front of his children for simply stepping outside. [PA TV (Fatah)]

The following are excerpts from the article in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida and the transcript of the words of Jamal Najar:

Headline: “Reports of persecutions and liquidation of Fatah members by Hamas members evoke anxiety and condemnation in the West Bank.”

Reports mentioning liquidations of Fatah members in the Gaza Strip by members of Hamas evoked popular condemnation which was added yesterday to the erupting anger, which influenced the level of popular activities carried out in solidarity with the Gaza residents in the towns Ramallah and El-Bira.

The reports from Gaza pointed out the death of dozens of Fatah members caused by Hamas members. A prominent leader stated that isolated random incidents of murder have occurred, but ruled out that this is a case of organized persecution.

Wafa A-Najar, Gaza resident who lives in the town El-Bira, said that her father was killed the day before yesterday and nine of her family members were injured by shooting by Hamas, among them were three small children and two young people in critical condition…

According to the family’s story, a squad belonging to Hamas came to her family’s house in [the] Sheikh Radwan [neighborhood] in Gaza and shot at the legs of young Badran A-Najar, claiming that he was violating the house arrest which was imposed on him, at the time when he was sitting with his cousins in front of the house…

A prominent leader in the Fatah movement in the Gaza Strip, Ibrahim Abu A-Naja, ruled out that this is a case of persecution by some organization, which aims at Fatah, however he pointed out that “a number of isolated incidents [of murder]” had occurred, as has been reported by the Israeli media…

Abu A-Naja called for Hamas to halt any step which provides Israel the opportunity to attack us…

Groups within the Fatah movement in the West Bank estimated that more than a hundred of its people in the Gaza Strip had been exposed to persecution, shooting, and liquidation.”

[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (Fatah), Jan. 9, 2009]

Jamal Najar, popular Palestinian singer:

“I express my condolences to my cousins, some of them were killed yesterday by the gangs of the anarchic [Hamas] security forces in the Gaza Strip… The father was killed right in front of his children, because he didn’t stay at home, after they placed him under house arrest, he and everyone who belongs to Fatah.”

[PA TV (Fatah) Jan. 6, 2009]

TT question: How many of these Fattah terrorists are included among the “civilian population” casualty numbers killed in Gaza during the last few weeks?

The overwhelming majority of the men, women and children dead in the Gaza fighting, were either fighting Israeli troops or were murdered by their own. KGS

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  1. Ah that sweet Islamic justice. praise Allah! On a broader viewpoint, this strategy of having the Muslims kill each other should be greatly expanded. They love killing and I can’t think of anything better than Muslims killing Muslims if they gotta kill.

  2. I always thought there was a case for leaving Irak after Saddam and his henchmen were neutralised.

    Then the Shia and Sunni could have gone to it.

    Then all those American soldiers would be alive and their families would not have been through such tragedy.

    Just to watch those images of the fallen American soldiers slide down the TV screen week by week.

    Really . . was it worth it all?

  3. To see Iraq’s nuke program beyond any hope of restarting, was more than enough reason to go in, which shows Saddam was not in compliance with UNSCR 1441.

    The Duefler Report is a very interesting read.

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