Hamas Islam

Hamas Explained in Less Than Six Minutes…….

For the Tundra Tabloids’ regular readership, this video will not increase your knowledge on iota, you are already well informed about Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and their dream for the world caliphate. You already know that there is no difference between Al-Qaida and Hamas and Hezbollah, Hizb al Tahrir, regardless of the methods employed, they all seek to place the world under Islam’s sandal heel, regardless if it’s a Shiia or Sunni driven movement. This video is for those who have yet to understand what Hamas is and what it actually stands for. Watch and learn, it’ll only take about six minutes of your time. KGS

NOTE: The next time you see Muslims marching in support of Hamas, think about this video. The next time you see non-Muslims marching in support of Hamas, tell them about this video.

Via: Atlas

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