Gaza Kassams

Hamas Fires Qassams at Israel: The World Pretends ‘Ceasefire Holding’…….

The anti-Israel nay sayers will collectively forget the image on the left, and pretend that it never existed. When confronted with the image on the left that’s accompanied with a date and time of the launch that proves it was fired during the so called “cease fire”, it will be dismissed as one of those “hand made rockets that do little damage”.
As the world’s response to Israel’s Operation Cast Lead shows, the Palestinians will never be held accountable for the misery they inflict not only upon the Israelis who live within reach of the rockets from Gaza, but also the average Arab who has to endure the thuggery at home, as well as being used as pawns by their own ‘leadership’. That there are many within the West who look the other way and give their support to Hamas, is tragic, because it dooms these people to even more hardships. KGS
A Kassam rocket fired from the Gaza Strip on Thursday morning fell in an open area near the town of Sderot. No one was wounded in the attack and no damage was reported. It was the second rocket fired into Israel since the end of Operation Cast Lead eleven days ago.
The latest attack came after an IAF jet struck a weapon manufacturing facility in the Rafah area late on Wednesday night, in response to a Kassam rocket fired from the Strip at Israel several hours earlier. The IDF identified an accurate hit. The air-strike was the army’s first attack on a building inside the Strip since the operation ended.

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