Gaza Hamas Islamic brutality

Lefty Pet Cause: Hamas Brutally Killing Palestinians…….

The following was forwarded by Kumitonttu. These are the types of thugs the Left is aligning itself with, and without the blinking of an eye. KGS
Anonymous:I’ve seen many videos and photos, but this is by far the best description of Hamas! This video was made not by Israelis, but by an Arab, a Palestinian who shows you who Hamas really is! Hamas against the Palestinians! This is how they succeeded in being elected – by force!

Jimmy Carter:The elections were completely honest, completely fair, completely safe and without violence.”

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  1. It seems probable that the people of Gaza are too frightened and too cowed by the Hamas to rise up against this criminal gang.

    The Hamas has demonstrated time and again that it does not value the lives of its people.

    The wedding group might have been Christian Arabs; it might have been Muslim Arabs.

    Either way it is almost incomprehensible that this criminal gang can carry out executions and killings without fear of reprisal.

    The money that continues to flow into Gaza from the UN and the EU makes them complicit in murder on a day by day basis?

  2. Perhaps, but just before the war began, tens of thousands of Hamas supporters were seen thumping their chests and chanting allahu akhbar.

    The Arabs are chiefly responsible for their own actions, the UN & EU are guilty for not holding them to the same high standards that the West holds itself to.

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