Johnathon Spyer From GLORIA Hammers Al-Jiz’s Host in Live Interview…….

Just got this in from Barry Rubin: If you want to see the best 3.5 minute presentation of the other side’s idiocy and the Gaza war’s realities, listen to the GLORIA Center’s Dr. Jonathan Spyer on al-Jazira television. The host asks why is Israel still occupying Gaza, and Dr. Spyer does to him something like the IDF is doing to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The intersting part begins at the 10:15 mark. The very same kind mind numbing questioning could have taken place here in Finland as well. These people are in the tank with a gang of religious supremacists that want to create another genocide of Jews.

The media bear the greatest responsibility for its pandering to the murderous bigots of Hamas, spewing their talking points which are disseminated to the West through the wire service by psuedo journalists like Ibrahim Barzak. Check out what TINSC has to say about Barzak, hitting the ball clear out of the park. KGS

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