Hezbollah Israel Lebanon Operation Cast Lead

Islamofascists in Lebanon Shell Israel’s Northern Border…….

Well they couldn’t help themselves, it was to be expected, it’s in their blood to spill blood.

J’lem Post: Two people were lightly wounded when terrorists in Lebanon on Thursday morning fired three Katyusha rockets at the area of Nahariya in northern Israel. The IDF returned fire.
According to assessments in the IDF’s Northern Command, the salvo was probably fired by Palestinian terror groups and not by Hizbullah, but the possibility that Hizbullah instructed another group to fire at Israel could not be ruled out.
“Nothing happens in Lebanon with a green light from Hizbullah,” a defense official said. “Even if it was a Palestinian group who fired the rockets, Hizbullah would have to at least have turned a blind eye to allow the rocket fire.”

It’s the same with Hamas in Gaza, which pays lip service to a temporary cessations of violence, while giving a nod to others to continue the launching of missiles into Israel. Only the naive, the ignorant or the very disingenuous could conclude otherwise. KGS

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