Helsingin Sanomat Columnist Olli Kivinen is an Ignoramus to the Umpteenth Power…….

While the Israeli MFA has succeeded in getting its own talking points across to the public at large, the Finnish media’s flagship organizations are not liking it one bit. They are seething mad that the public isn’t as/more enraged than they are, so off comes the gloves.
The Helsingin Sanomat comes out swinging with a bigoted column by Olli kivinen, someone with whom the TT has traded exchanges with in the past. What the man lacks in knowledge of the Arab-Israeli conflict, is matched only by his lack of common sense in knowing when he has crossed the lines of criticism, and ventured into the area of anti-Semitism. Now on to the bigoted and highly challenged thinking of the numskull called
Olli Kivinen.

In Gaza we see a school example of what happens when both parties – or the leaders of both parties – do not want peace. Over the years a mutual pattern of behaviour has developed where a new incentive for the other to take to arms is invented if ever the petal of peace emerges from the ground. [TT: Here is the very old canard that “Israel is the moral equivalent of its enemies, and neither wants peace”. It’s much easier that way, no sympathy need be expressed for the Jews, they are as guilty or even more so than the Arabs. It’s a boiler plate charge that’s highly flawed, because Israel has made deep strides in preparing its people for an eventual peace, that spans its political spectrum. The Arabs on the other hand have not, they incite their people not only against Israel, but against worldwide Jewry as well.]”The means are many from suicide bombers, rockets and the tightening up of the siege to everyday humiliations. The wrangling about whose fault it is, that war is waged right now is irrational.”[TT: The only thing that’s irrational, is the thinking of Olli Kivinen and ilk, by refusing to hold the Arabs accountable for anything, and when they manage to pay lip sevice to Arab accountability, they always find a way to link Israel to any Arab wrong doing. His thinking ( Kivinen’s) is highly moronic as it is insulting, and is steeped in: Humanitarian Racism, which is defined as being: ” Such racism is an intrinsically reduced responsibility attributed to a people of a certain ethnic or racial group for their actions.”Humanitarian racists believe that they’re being sympathetic with a weaker group if they excuse, look the other way, over even apologize for the atrocities they commit. In this case they choose to blame all the Arabs’ short comings upon Israel.]”Israel has the right to defend itself, but its sense of proportion has failed big time”. “In the long run it is an absurd thought that the Islamic states of the Middle and Far East with their hundreds of millions of inhabitants would for decades agree to live as the vassals of Israel and the United States”.[TT: Here is the looniest of assertions yet. Israel’s response to Hamas’ attacks has been very proportional, and according to Justus Weiner, an expert on international law, a case could be made that according to IL, Israel has refrained from pursuing a more robust response to Palestinian terror attacks that IL allows for.As for being vassals of the US and Israel, far from it, the Arab world has been more than willing to being vassals to foreign powers, when it was the National Socialists in Adolf Hitler’s Germany, or Stalins Soviet Union. Just what is Kivinen thinking here. Does he even proof read what he writes?]Now lightly armed Palestinian fighters stand against one of the world’s most efficient war machinery’s with its super-modern weapons. The former are able to fire primitive, uncontrolled rockets causing only little damage and few deaths compared to the effects of Israeli bombs. .”[TT: Here we are again with a journalist who doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground. Kivinen should know by now that a Qassam rocket has absolutely no military significance whatsoever, instead its designed with a civilian population in mind. The very design and construction of such a weapon is against international law. If the columnist had any intellectual honesty, and knowledge of what he’s talking about, he would have mentioned that Hamas is guilty of WAR CRIMES for using such a weapon. But deep down, Olli Kivinen is sympathetic with Hamas and doesn’t see what they doing a crime, though he may feign sympathy to the Israelis being terrorized with such a weapon for these number of years.]Everyone who bombs or invades densly populated population centers with modern efficient weapons knows when making the decision that many women and children, and not just the opponent’s fighters, will die as victims of the killing.” ….”Israel started soon after the failed attack to South Lebanon in 2006 a campaign the aim of which was to present Israel as the victim and isolate Hamas as well as label it as only a terrorist organization”[TT: So what Olli Kivinen is saying here, no matter what the Hamas and affiliated terrorists do, Israel is to do absolutely nothing, nothing at all to defend its citizens. They shall willingly hold themselves hostage to the madmen that run the insane asylum called Gaza.No mention of international law here, of course not, for to really do so would be to totally dismiss huge swaths of his article. Keeping his readership grossly ignorant of the facts is the aim of the column, to enlighten them now, is to invite questions about his past articles.Kivinen makes it clear that he will never see Israel as a victim, no matter what. For him, the Jewish state is the poisoner of wells, and never in the right, or justified in doing anything, other than giving up and becoming and Arab Muslim state.][TUNDRAMAN: And here comes the old Christian antisemitism:]The actors in the area get support from their own religious believers, and justification for anything can always be found in the Bible and the Koran. I cannot say that I know those books very well, but as far as I understand they also talk about other things than action in accordance with “an eye for an eye”.”[TT: What a vindictive snot. He was in the middle of a roll, so it would come naturally to him to invoke old anti-Semitic motifs of Jews serving the vengeful Torah, when describing self defencive measures that any democratic state would employ if facing the very same situation. Oh, one more note, even Kivinen’s reference to an “eye for an eye” is all wrong. It never meant for revenge, but of limitations, meaning not going beyond the initial infraction. This was solely between individuals and small parties. ]”Of the comments heard from some of the Western countries one can conclude that Israel has, to some extent, succeeded [in its propaganda]. Many evidently want to live in such a dream world of beliefs as, for example, the Israeli Foreign Minister Tsipi Livni who aspired to be the Prime Minister and according to whom there is no humanitarian disaster in Gaza.[TT: Kivinen is upset that the Israeli MFA has succeeded (as I alluded to earlier in getting its message across. He takes a swipe at Livni but makes no mention of Israel’s ensuring that food and supplies are making its way into the Gaza Strip. No one saying it’s not a dire situation, but Kivinen is expecting everyone to believe at face value everything that the Hamas and other Palestinian “sources” are telling the outside world. When have they ever shown themselves to be consistently telling the truth? I hear the sound of crickets chirping.]One dimension was offered by the Israeli Ambassador in Helsinki who asked in a television news interview how the Finns would feel if rockets were fired to the towns of our country. That question is difficult to answer as Finland does not occupy others’ land and has not created beside it a ghetto of half a million people where people live in extreme misery and who are very intensely bombed and besieged from ground, sea and air and where people are even now as the consequence not only of bombs and bullets but also of weakness caused by lack of medicine, difficulties of the hospitals, cold and lack of food. In the past, ghettos were places were Jews were oppressed and exterminated.” [TT: Here it is in full plain sight for all to see, he’s casting Israel into the role of chief tormentor, who is acting not from self defence, but because they are a bunch of Nazis. That’s the real message behind Kivinen’s article, which is the same kind of thinking found in the writings of Finland’s former Foreign Minister, Erkki Tuomioja.]

Here’s again the video of the so called “ghetto called Gaza”

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