UK: Spiritual Advisor" to 9/11 Jihadists Speaks at Mosque That Promotes Peace, Diversity & Interfaith Dialogue…….

One again the claim of Islam being a “religion of peace” falls flat on its face, as a UK mosque, dedicated to the promotion of peace, diversity and interfaith dialogue finds no problem in hosting a speaker that supports the Jihad against the West.

Anwar al-Awlaki happens to be one of the spiritual mentors of three jihadis who struck on 9/11. Robert Spencer notes: “no one seems perturbed enough about this “misunderstanding” and “hijacking” of Islam to cancel the conference or appearances by speakers like Anwar al-Awlaki and others …”

U.K.: Mosque “committed to peace, diversity and interfaith dialogue” hosts conference featuring “spiritual advisor” to 9/11 jihadists

“Muslim groups ‘linked to September 11 hijackers spark fury over conference’,” by Gordon Rayner for the Telegraph, December 27:

The End of Time event at the East London Mosque, which is being publicised on internet sites including Facebook, will feature a videotaped lecture from Anwar al-Awlaki, who is banned from entering the United States after allegedly acting as a spiritual adviser to three of the September 11 terrorists.

Mr Awlaki, who lives in Yemen, has been described as “an al-Qaeda supporter” by the US Department of Homeland Security, which has accused him in recent months of using video lectures to “encourage terrorist attacks”.

He is due to deliver a video lecture at the mosque in Whitechapel on New Year’s Day. Speeches will have titles such as The sound of the trumpet – the real terror starts.

Other speakers will include Suhaib Hasan, who advocates implementing sharia in Britain, and Khalid Yasin, who has described the beliefs of Christians and Jews as “filth”.

At some point along the way, curious non-Muslim observers will have to ask themselves, “if there are supposedly great differences of opinion within the camps of pious Muslims concerning the jihad ideology and sharia, why aren’t they being more vocal about these sharp differences to the outside world?”
Why is it that “the misunderstanding and the hijacking of” Islam, is never really explained in a more detailed way? Just where are the Bin-Ladens of the world getting Islam and the message of their prophet all wrong? Who and where are the leading voices of Islam today, publically negating the jihad ideology and barbaric system of sharia?
Without these two systems being convincingly denounced in a public forum, any or all talk about Islam being a “religion of peace” is nothing but pure fiction and a very cruel joke. KGS
Note: A Yemeni Al-Qaeda cell has just linked with seperatists who oppose the government in southern Yemen. So Anwar al-Awlaki, who currently resides in Yemen is just a stones throw away from his fellow idealogues, which is either a stroke of luck, or very good planning.

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