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Greek Riots: Anarchists Take to the Streets But Hints of Islam Abound…….

The violence raging through the streets of Greece is not as clear cut as some would make it to be, there seems to be a convergence of agendas, with some protesting excessive use of force by the police, while others are taking advantage of the situation and rampaging for the right to invade a sovereign state.

Check out the video and see towards the end, all the Stop the War signs while someone happily shouts Allahu Akhbar. Not connected to Islam, huh Charles? KGS

Winds of Jihad has much more on it here.

UPDATE: Commenter Toby correctly points out that the BBC video is from an earlier demonstration. The point is though, Muslims are indeed involved in the rioting as well.

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  1. I don’t know whether you are confused or being deliberately disingenuous – the BBC report you linked via youtube was broadcast before the rioting broke out over the shooting of the Greek teenage boy. The tensions with asylum seekers have been ongoing for a couple of years. It is the Dublin II regulations adopted by the EU to tighten asylum rules within the EU that has caused particular problems for Greece because asylum seekers were being returned from where ever they were in Europe to the country of their arrival – disproportionately Greece. The situation became so bad in Greece with no capacity to deal with asylum claims one way or other, that claimants were being interned in conditions that contravened international humans rights law. Many countries including Finland stopped returning asylum seekers to Greece because of this.

    The Greek anarchists haven’t shown any interest in this ongoing situation at all. It was the shooting of a Greek boy that started the riots. But – hey – if some one was wearing the right scarf, surely Osama himself must have been giving the orders?

  2. Very snarky Toby. The last URL linked article in the same TT post states:

    “Hundreds of asylum seekers went on the rampage near central Athens on Saturday after a migrant was injured falling into the same ditch in Votanikos where a 29-year-old Pakistani man died last month.”

    My mistake if the Beeb vid is from another time, I’ll update the post.

    I have made it cleaer all along that its a convergence of agendas, are you “confused or just being disengenuous”?

    Regardless of whether or not living conditions are bad, those being kept it them, are here illegally, and should never have been in a position of being put into cramped quarters in the first place.

    They are more than likely rioting/demanding to be allowed the right to stay in Europe, as opposed to being allowed to be kept in tidy camps until being booted out.

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