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Ehsan Jami’s ‘An Interview With Muhammed’…….

Stand by for all the wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth, especially the gnashing of teeth. KGS

The Baron has much much more, here!

An excerpt:


“My uncle used to tell me great stories about a man named Jesus and his eleven… eh… warriors, or something. I really wanted to be like him, and I think I lived up to the expectations. I met him; we are actually good friends. We hang out a lot together, we play poker sometimes, we both cheat a bit and have a laugh about it afterwards. We don’t play for money, of course.”

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  1. I have read thoroughly,life history of Jesus and found that he never cheated. I am sure writer of this video never tried to know about Jesus.

  2. It seems this text is written by a person who doesnt know anything about Prophet Mohammad.think about what u release in internet u should give some good information to ur visitors not such a useless information

  3. i dont know how much a person can be stupid.Jami’s information about islam is as much as a 7 years old child.unfortunately i dont have his weblog or website address but i want to ask him how did u gather this information?from reliable books or u found it out in ur dreams?i think ur main goal of making this cartoon is that u want to be a famous there are another ways for u.

  4. Mr Jami why did u mention “KAFI” as your source?each muslim knows there are a lot of lies in books like KAFI.didnt you know another source?shal i tell u another sources?

  5. astagfirullah..jamis..r u a muslim??? why are u doing this??? it is absolutely not appropriate to make an interview with the prophet and imagine him physically!!!!!!!!!!!! and the information is totally irrelevant, nonsense and bullshit. you insult Muhammad s.a.w..meaning u insult ALLAH’S messanger and u insult ALLAH too..Surely ALLAH is sooooo angry with you..subhanAllah..

  6. Excelent video! I will be copying and spreading this video underground so that intolerant, arrogant, dogmatic, and irrational muslims who hate freedom of speech can’t take it off the internet. They know this is true and they can’t hide the truth from non-muslims with a video like this on the internet.

    After this, nobody will ever want to convert to islam.

    1. So, how come I just converted a while ago after watching videos on Islam, and now I am still keeping my conversion after watching this dumb video? See, I just proved you wrong.

  7. Well, what can I say that any one doesn't know! Another blatent attempt to rile Muslims by another agent brain washed and brought out. What a sell out.

  8. great historic reference to the life a great prophet Muhamed peace be upon him.
    Salah allah waallee wassalam.
    Thanks Mr Jami

  9. i think if you want to know the reality of islam you have to watch father zakaria Botros in alhayat channel or enter his web in english.thousands of people in middle east convert to christianity through him.

  10. Have you ever find any video or text or literature by any Muslim which disrespect any religions?

    Muslims and Islam respect each and every religion, while contradict other religions on certain issues with a very strong logic which should be studied with an understanding before posing any opinion.

    Jihad and marriages of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) should be studied first before making preceptive notions. Islam is a complete way of life. Muslims are taught from how to eat to how to protect ones self. Most of the practices of Islam has scientificly proved to be beneficial for human beings as a very minor example, prophet taught, "Don't directly drink from vessel". Logically if you directly drink from vessel the liquid may harm teeth and lead to tooth decay.

    As a the Jihad is concerned, its a way a Muslim can protect themselves from oppressions and invasions. Talking about Jews, study the history or look around the ways how Jews are plotting; not only against the Muslims but also other religions and humanity in general through business, mind control and warfare. As far as the marriages of Prophet are concerned, its better to study the topic in more detail because there is a reasoning with a aim to set example.

  11. To the last anonymous commentor. Normally when coming across such childish nonsense, I would ask, you're kidding right? But in your case, you actually believe what you wrote, you're not kidding.

    So you not only pretend to be clueless of what your fellow religious clerics say about Jews and Christians, you openly support antisemitic canards about Jewish domination of the world.

    How predictable. Go on and click here, then come and then talk to me about Muslim respect (it doesn't exist)


  12. Thank you for your courage. As an ex muslim as well, I cannot respect you more. Someday, I hope having been inspired by you, I will do something as brave and selfless.
    allah hufiz…(just kidding!)

  13. I think the film is very interesting, but as I have been an Atheist or apostate since aged 14 (almost 36 years) I have much more damning data in my mental repository about Islam, which no doubt you too have.
    Unfortunately , we live in a society where we cannot say what we think or feel , even if we live in a ‘free’ nation as in this nation also reside moronic elements that are so brainwashed that they are incapable of an independant thought , let alone action.
    I applaud your action and wish I could contribute in some small way!

    1. Thanks Dr Din, blogging about your experiences might be one of those ways for you to contribute. Please think about it. I’ll promote your site if you take up the challenge.

  14. Hahaarr, this is just two Dutch people talking to each other in English.

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