How to Catch a Lizard…….

It’s so darn easy that a child can do it.

The Lizards over at LGF are in meltdown, with the keen eye of CJ’s leash-lizard, KG Trout, spotting a sign for white supremacism.

1262 Killgore Trout 12/17/2008 9:22:25 am PST
Holy shit! I know Charles doesn’t like it when we link to Gates of Vienna but I’m going to do it anyways…….. The Fjordman Fund Notice the symbol next to Fjordy’s book? I’m pretty sure that’s an Odin’s cross.


All that’s needed to catch a lizard, is lizard bait, and lookie, we catched us a lizard!

Catching a lizard is child’s play! KGS

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