Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari Receives Nobel and Offers Advice to Barack Obama on ME Conflict…….

Oh Mara, if things were just that simple. As far as politicians go, former Finnish president, Martti (Mara) Ahtisaari, is a pretty good guy. I know for a fact that he isn’t anti-Israel, which say a lot for a high ranking politician from the Nordic region, which happens to be awash with some of the worst of the worst anti-Israel nay sayers ever seen.
Though I disagree with Ahtisaari concerning Kosovo, I have always taken him to be an honest political broker in a sea of highly ideologically motivated eels. He never once doubted that Israel was innocent of any wrong doing in the west Bank refugee camp of Jenin, an inside source of mine who knows Ahtisaari well, told me as much. But when it comes to wanting to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, most politicians throw common sense out the window and begin believing in the myth that it only takes the “voice of the brave” to make peace. Bologna.
YLE: In his acceptance speech, Ahtisaari stressed the need to resolve one of the world’s most drawn-out conflicts — calling on US president-elect Barack Obama to give “high priority” to a comprehensive peace deal in the Middle East during his first year. “All conflicts can be settled, and there are no excuses for allowing them to become eternal.” asserted the former president.
Those of you familiar with this blog know that, one does not make peace with one’s enemies, but only with one’s former enemies. In the case of the Palestinians, they have yet to make peace within their own camp, let alone with the Jewish state. They have yet to give up on the idea of having it all, from the Jordan to the bright shiny seacoast.
So any talk of peace, without the Arabs coming to terms with their own deluded long term goals of destroying Israel, is just that, talk. Please Mara, just accept your Nobel medal, and quietly return to you Helsinki apt., and enjoy your moment, while it lasts. KGS
Tundraman adds: The fact that a Nobel peace-price winner has nothing more sophisticated to say about the ME than that “all religions are peace loving”, that one could therefore even “capitalize on religion” in the peace-making in the ME, and that “the ME countries should start developing their economy together and use their strategic position between continents” really sounds incredibly naïve, even to the point of being stupid. It is quite comparable to a Sunday sermon in church suggesting that “they should all start loving each other” – don’t you think?

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