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World Peace Alert: Muslim World League Says it Has the Answer…….More Islam

Go figure. Just when you thought that you have had all that you could possibly take from the followers of the madman from the Arabian desert, the Muslim World League thinks you need even more.

Do you think that they’ll ever get the hint, that the non-Muslim world is not at all interested in their backward notions of civilization which includes the worst violations of civil and human liberties?


Forum calls for strategic plan to reach out to non-Muslims

JEDDAH: An international conference organized by the Muslim World League has called for a strategic plan to introduce Islam as a solution to major problems facing humanity and as a religion that promotes peace, freedom and tolerance.


The three-day conference, titled “Introducing Islam to non-Islamic countries: Reality and aspirations,” stressed that non-Muslims living in Islamic countries should enjoy all of the rights enjoyed by Muslims.

It said Muslim countries must introduce Islam to non-Muslim countries as part of efforts to improve foreign relations.


“They should also make use of their good relations with Western countries to enact laws preventing the denigration of Islam and Muslim personalities,” said a final communiqué issued after the conference.


The conferees stressed the need to produce Islamic TV programs in major world languages to introduce Islam to non-Muslims. They also urged Muslims to behave righteously with non-Muslims and understand their culture. “We should come up with innovative ideas to propagate the message of Islam, using the Internet and satellite channels,” it said.

The Tundra Tabloids hereby promotes the following policy concerning Islam and Muslims in general. All Muslim immigration to the West should be immediately stopped, any Muslim foreign national already living in the West that promotes any kind of violence whatsoever, and/or promotes sharia as well as the overthrow of any liberal democracy, will be immediately deported. Starting today.

Also, any Muslim leader that denies the history of Islamic imperialism, as well as believing that any “Muslim good or bad” cannot be anti-semitic“, will be denied entrance to international meetings and seminars that take place in the West, which would include the current anti-semitic Secretary General of the OIC, Ekemleddin Ihsanoglu. KGS

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