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Israel Foils Kidnapping Plans, Hamas Responds With Rocket Barrage…….

With the US elections being over, it’s back to business as usual within the Islamist controlled dictatorship in Gaza, called Hamastan. The Hamas launched 35 rockets into Israel on Wednesday, because the IDF dared to act against a tunnel that was being prepared as a staging ground for an attempt to kidnap Israeli soldiers.
J’Lem Post: A barrage of rockets hit Gaza-belt communities Wednesday morning after IDF forces engaged Hamas gunmen inside the Strip. It was the worst outbreak of violence since a shaky cease-fire took effect in June. At least 30 rockets were fired into Israel, three of which landed in the western Negev, damaging several greenhouses. Two rockets fell in Ashkelon. One hit a residential neighborhood, sending three people into shock.
Israel ordered the Gaza crossings closed following the attacks, but while tensions ran high, Israeli officials said they remained committed to the cease-fire with Hamas, stressing that the operation was an isolated one. Three Israeli soldiers were wounded and six gunmen were reported killed in the fresh clashes, which began when IDF special forces entered Gaza in order to blow up a tunnel dug by Hamas terrorists for the purpose of kidnapping IDF soldiers.
Israel will do what it needs to do in securing the safety of its people, it’s just that simple, but the pressure will build from abroad to limit the scale of their security operations, due to the new wind blowing into Washington. These are going to be some rather tough times for Israel.
The TT believes that it’s only a matter of time before the mask finally slips from B.Hussein Obama’s face, and he’ll start openly calling Israel’s security and defencive measures….as unacceptable and counter-productive. The real Obama is just waiting and readying himself for that defining moment when he shows his true colors, regardless of the public and private assurances given. Mark my words. KGS

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