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Indonesia: Islamic fundamentalists Cheer Obama Win…….

Well at least some people are happy about Obama’s Islamic past! They really think he’s stayed a Muslim, but remember, what’s important is that they actually believe it to be true.

Jakarta, 5 Nov. (AKI) – Representatives of some of Indonesia’s fundamentalist Islamic groups on Wednesday celebrated United States President-elect Barack Obama’s sweeping victory in Tuesday’s presidential polls, claiming the win will be good for interracial relations and world peace.

RIIIIIGHT! No more conflict with Islam!

This is in spite of the fact that Islamic jihadis are perfectly content to be in conflict with everyone elae who are not like themselves! It’s a winning combination for the followers of the madman from the Arabian desert! Just lay your weapons to the side, accept Mo and bow down towards Mecca five time a day,live under sharia law and then everything will be nicey nicey! KGS

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  1. Never underestimate the stupidity of Islamo-Fascists. Rahm Emanuel, an Orthodox Jew (I guess not all Orthodox Jews voted for Sen. McCain as one of our mutual friends would have us believe.) has been chosen as President Elect O’Bama’s Chief of Staff.

    Rahm Emanuel’s father fought in the Israeli war of Independence. Rahm served with the civilian auxiliary of the IDF during the first Gulf War.

    Sooo… I guess those Islamo-Fascists are going to be feeling a bit disappointed today. Too bad. So sad.

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