Finland Honour killing

Honor Murder Threat in Finland: Daughter of Iraqi Refugee Flees For Her Life…….

An Iraqi born woman living in Finland fled to the nation’s capital of Helsinki to escape the rage of her father, due to her refusal to wed a member of the family clan. Both she, and her younger sister have been beaten earlier by their father, an 64 yr. old Iraqi refugee, and just two weeks ago were before a judge in Kuopio, albeit in separate rooms for security reasons, with the father being convicted of bodily assault.

Ilta Sanomat: A young woman who fears becoming a victim of a honor murder, is hiding in a secret location in the Helsinki metropolitan area, after her father had threathened to kill her. A couple of weeks ago, a trial was held in the Eastern Finland Court of Appeals in Kuopio, in which 64-year-old father was sentenced to three months probation for the assault of his two daughters.

25-year-old Iraqi born woman’s nightmare began early this summer, when she backed out of an arranged marriage. The husband belonged to his father’s family. The enraged father arrived at the daughter’s apartment in Kuopio, and began his assault. It’s all becuase he forced me to marry a strange man, who I lhave since left, the woman said. The next day the woman made a criminal complaint and said that the father threatened to kill her due to the family’s honor.
Around the same time, the father had took to beating the second, 23-year-old daughter. The young woman beaten on the head and on the soles of the feet with a stick, which eventually broke.n The father denied all the charges at the Kuopio District Court and the Court of Appeal’s. The District Court decision held, however, due to sufficient evidence in both cases. The Court of Appeal rendered a Three month probational time period.”
Well the woman has now taken off to hide from a man who does indeed plan to murder her, while police officials debate whether any honor murders have ever taken place in Finland at all. KGS

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