Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Euro-dhimmis

The Eurocrats Already Howling at the Gates…….

Even before the first ballot dropped into the box on election day, the Euro-dhimmis are making their move, in belief that an Obama presidency is already a done deal. Make no mistake about it folks, if McCain is defeated, you can expect a massive putch against the Jewish state led by the howling pack of Lefties, that were held back over the past 8 years during the Bush administration.
This is only the first of many more incidents to come. KGS
Hamas lawmakers invited to visit EU HQ
J’Lem Post:The invitation would seem to violate an EU boycott of Hamas, but the significance of the gesture is not immediately clear. Ahmed Bahar, the acting speaker of the Hamas parliament, said the EU invited him and a delegation of the Palestinian Legislative Council to visit the EU headquarters in Brussels in March. He said Hamas lawmakers agreed to go. The invitation was given by Kyriacos Triantaphyllides, head of a European delegation that visited Gaza on Monday.

Speaking to Reuters, Triantaphyllides defended the invitation. “We don’t care who they are as long as they are members of the Legislative Council,” Triantaphyllides said. “We don’t ask if they are members of Hamas or members of Fatah.” “The PLC was elected in 2006 and it was democratically elected,” Triantaphyllides continued.”

H/T: Reinhard

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