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Andrew Bostom: The Islamic Justification for Murdering Kafirs…….

What the media does not want you to know

Yeah right, just when will the folks in the picture demonstrate againt Koranic verses that lead to the terrorism they are supposedly against?

Andrew Bostom is right, the media will do its best to disconnect the link between Islam and the terrorists who are acting out the violence done in its name. It’s always a case of Muslim “extremists” or “fundamentalists” hijacking the faith of over a billion Muslims, but they just never manage to squeak out a sentence to justify that common understanding.

If Islam is such a benevolent religion, just where are these terrorists getting it all wrong? Where are all the Islamic scholars and sages in pointing just exactly where these violent Muslims have interpreted passages from the Koran and hadiths wrong. What Islamic authority of fame and credibility preaches that Mohamed is not the best example of human character, and not risk being branded a heretic and have a fatwa put on his head?
Andy Bostom knows what’s at stake and realizes the ignorance of the media where Islam is concerned, which explains why the meia is desperate not to stigmatize an entire group of people by placing Islam/Muslim within a sentence containing the word terrorism. But papering over the truth will not place us anywhere nearer to the goal of defeating Islamic terrorism, if the basis for the terrorists’ justification for violence isn’t discussed.
Mohamed, as the founder of Islam, during any point in history, would have best benefited the world had he died before he started his religious/political movement. It’s that simple. After reading Bostom’s latest, you will discover what that is so. Read it in full here. KGS

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  1. It’s that simple. But too simple for some people – perhaps most people!

    A psychiatrist in to-day’s morning newspaper shared his erudition in explaining the origins of the Mumbai outrage.

    He waffled on in abstract abstruse language that left one musing about the meaning of life, but failed to throw any clear light on the matter at all.

  2. It’s a fear of reality, something that has afflicted persecuted peoples throughout the centuries, forcing them to stay in harms way, than fighting back or fleeing.

  3. >More egregiously, this neglect of any hateful Islamic motivations for the targeted murder of such innocent Jews…was accompanied by consistently dehumanizing and demeaning references to these victims as "Ultra-Orthodox," and their entirely false characterization as "missionaries."<

    While my own essay discusses the threat of Islamo-Fascism to ALL people, even I could not ignore the inaccurate, demeaning and downright anti-Semitic adjectives used to describe the Chabad House staff. Here again, the media's thesis is that Muslim terrorists are somehow "reacting" to legitimate grievances in which the victims are thrust with the burdon of moral equivalency.

    Even now, as I report news and commentary on this attack on MLIVE's Newstalk forum (// I cannot do so without somebody bringing up the old "And yet You personally brand anybody who disagrees with Israeli policies as "anti-semitic". Glass houses, TIN."

    Not only is this a deliberate misrepresentation of my views, it is a sign that the person seeks a LICENSE to criticise Israel at will. Such a seemingly innocent remark is actually quite nefarious in its intent when taken along with other commentary made by the same person supporting the War Against Israel and using it as a legitimate grievance causing worldwide Jihad against everyone.

  4. Such “slick operators” will be the undoing of our society.

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  6. i think u should calm down and know that in every religion there is bad and good people. if jews are so good, why are they killing innocent children, woman, and old people and also preventing muslims from praying in their own mosque in PALESTINE. have any muslims done that to u before? stop u from going to church? think about it.

  7. I never said there weren't good and bad people in any religion, but where the ideology of Islam is concerned, it's much much more than a religion.

    Though there are many peaceful Muslims in the world, there is no such thing as a peaceful Islam. The more secularized a Muslim becomes, the more tolerant and peace loving they become.

    The more they are in contact with their inner Mohammed….all hell breaks lose.

    If any loss of life results from the Israeli military, it's due to the fact that the Arabs force them to respond, and they count on them doing so.

    So they mingle in with the civilian population and consider that every dead Arab civilian that results from their using them as civilian shields…is a PR nightmare for teh ISraelis.

    Your beef should be with Hamas and Fattah…not Israel.

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