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Russian Newsweek Warned Against Insulting Muslims…….

One can only guess how deep the Russian and Islamist connection goes, perhaps a bit of the mask is slipping. with the Moscow Prosecutor’s recent warning of Russia’s Newsweek, not to insult its Russian Muslims.
MOSCOW (al-AP)Moscow prosecutors say they have warned the Russian-language edition of the Newsweek magazine for allegedly insulting Muslims.
The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office says the magazine published two stories that could be “insulting or humiliating” to Muslims. It said Tuesday on article also included one of the 2005 Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
The magazine published the stories on Muslims in the European Union in late October. It could not be immediately reached for comment. About 20 million Muslims live in Russia.
Under President Vladimir Putin and his successor, Dmitry Medvedev, Russian news organizations have come under increasing official pressure. If prosecutors’ warnings are ignored, publications can be fined or threatened with closure.
Russia I believe, is playing a mugs game with the West, feeding the international jihad whenever it is feasable to do so, while claiming to be fighting against it at the same time. It’s pure KGB stratigizing, and something that only the Russians could invent and implement without being caught red handed. They’re geniuses at it. KGS

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