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Fjordman: Defeating Eurabia…….

Fjordman happens to be one of the most prolific writers of our time, concerning both existential and domestic threats facing Europe in the 21st century. The historical significance of an Islam left unchallenged is not lost on Fjordman, who recognizes that the threat it poses to both Europe and the West today, is the very same threat that European powers faced throughout the course of history. Either resist its influence and might, or succumb.
Europe’s soft under belly in the Balkans is a stark reminder to Europe if it chooses the latter, thankfully however, not all of Europe is asleep, for we have writers like Fjordman to slice through the doughy headed muddle of Socialist multiculturalism, and point us down the path towards the bitter truth, that being: we are our own worst enemies, “we have met the enemy and it is us.”
We, who forced ourselves into this mess, are the only ones available that can get us out of it. Either we reverse our course full throttle and take the neccessary steps in reclaiming our European heritage, or continue on as before and succomb to our collective fate like sheep. There is no third way. KGS
From the Brussles Journal: “Defeating Eurabia“, the first book by our appreciated contributor Fjordman. This compilation of Fjordman articles from Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, The Brussels Journal and Fjordman’s own (now defunct) blog has been updated and fine tuned to reflect his current views on the islamization of Europe. It provides a thorough analysis of the causes and circumstances of the islamization process, a country-by-country survey and an optimistic concluding chapter with suggestions for the future.
The book is a paperback, containing 340 pages, 25 chapters and an index. It is published by BJ Books. This is the publishing spinoff of The Brussels Journal dedicated to publishing books by our authors. The book is available through, a print-on-demand provider. The price is EUR 34.95 or USD 47.17, though these prices may fluctuate with currency exchange rates.
Shipping costs are not included. These may vary depending on the destination. Buyers in the US and the EU will typically pay between 3 and 5 dollars/euros for shipping.

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  1. I have read many of many of Fjordman’s essays. His writings are superb and should be widely distributed.

    The price of his new book is unfortunately is way too high. The price – US $47.17 – is significantly higher than any book I have ever purchased. Supply and demand combined with elasticity of demand will keep sales low.

    In order to maximize readers and at the same time generate the greatest amount of revenues – the price needs to be reduced dramatically.

    If the goal is to actually maximize readers, and at the same time to generate some revenue, Fjordman might consider making Defeating Eurabia a downloadable PDF file. Include with the PDF file a method that allows readers to “pay what they can”. I believe he would have more readers and more revenue. Both will help the anti-jihad agenda.

    Bob Smith Chicago

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