LGF Robert Spencer Tundra Tabloids Exclusive

Robert Spencer Comes to the Aid of the Tundra Tabloids…….

Shame on Charles Johnson……..

Tsk tsk for not giving the Tundra Tabloids its full due, and come to think of it, Michelle Malkin cribbed the TT’s exclusive post without giving it due accreditation as well. And to think that these Pajama media big wigs think they can take the MAIN STREAM MEDIA to task, but yet fail on the smallest of etiquette.

Over at Jihad Watch, the esteemed Robert Spencer notices the unthinkable as well:

“Whenever I think Charles Johnson can’t possibly stoop any lower, he surprises me. Now he is stealing from those he counts as his enemies, and smearing them in the process:



Posted by: jihadwatch at November 7, 2008 11:20 AM

From all of us who dwell in the “Nasty Outer Darkness” to all of you at LGF,

Get a life.

ALSO: Belcher who has accredited the Tundra Tabloids informs us that:

The school superintendent has launched an investigation. Here is what he wrote on (the school website here) about Diantha Harris’ classroom conduct.

“I was shocked when I saw the clip of an interaction between a Cumberland County Schools teacher and her students as posted on YouTube. While neutral discussion of the political process is appropriate, at no time, particularly with elementary students, should a teacher infuse his/her political views into the discussion.

Most disconcerting was the military slant that made its way into this discussion. We are a military community, serving over 15,000 military students and their families. We value the sacrifices, not only of the military parents but also those of their families.

We believe that military children are our children, military spouses are many of our employees, and military service men and women are our heroes. We proudly serve our military children and have received national awards for our support of military families.

I was particularly disturbed to see the uncomfortable position in which our children were placed due to the inappropriate actions of one of our teachers. Please be assured that the actions exhibited in this video are not consistent with the vision of the CCS. Moreover, the actions of one teacher do not represent the 7000 employees in our organization.

Once the video was brought to my attention, I immediately launched an investigation. Personnel laws prevent me from releasing information regarding individual employees and personnel action taken. I can assure you that upon completion of the investigation, I will take appropriate action.

Dr. William Harrison
CCS’ Superintendent”


That is exactly the response I was hoping for. Thank you Belchspeak, and to all those who carried the story further, while giving the TT its full due. Kudos.

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  1. Congrats for your story making it big in the blogosphere! And also congratulations for making the Grand Lizard look like an ass yet again!

  2. TT,

    Feel for you for not getting credit but through the other links, I was tuned on to your page and spent hours reading your archives.

    Content and perspective are very important and you have much going for you. As people begin to read they will come and also recognition.

    You are now a must read for me along with the others that have not given you credit.

    I am telling all my friend about this and have already done so. I just wish I had found you before.

  3. Well done KGS , you really have got a result with this story , not that I should be surprised , after all this is Tundra Tabloids .
    I wonder how Charles Johnson feels , to be a pygmy amongst the blogging giants , poor little man .

  4. Thank you all, what you have said means more to me than anything.

    What VASARAHAMMER said (and he knows what I mean) is beyond my wildest expectations!

    Thanks guys, you all make this blogging a worthwhile experience.


  5. KGS, just wanted to thank you for calling my attention to the fact that you are the one who started this whole ball rolling. I’ve responded to your comment on our blog, and updated the post last night with a link and H/T to you. Because I’m neither a regular reader of LGF, Malkin or your blog, I didn’t initially know who did the initial groundwork on this story – so thanks heaps for letting us know. Credit always needs to go where it’s due!

    Great catch, KGS – may there be many more.

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