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Little Green Footballs Cribs Story Tundra Tabloids Broke On Monday…….

UPDATE: The Citizen-Times newspaper in North Carolina, gives the Tundra Tabloids full credit for the story it broke on Monday, something of which Little Green Footballs (now fully discredited) failed to do intentionally.
UPDATE: Hot Air: updates post and gives the Tundra Tabloids full credit for the story. (Many thanks KGS)
UPDATE: Breitbart is running the Tundra Tabloids’ video “Obama-Supporting Teacher Gives Soldier’s Daughter Hard Time”
UPDATE: Solomonia adds to the numbers. Thanks Sol!
UPDATE: Wizbang does the right thing and updates its post to include the TT. Kudos!

“Asheville – A former city schools teacher filmed in a Swedish documentary talking about politics in the classroom is drawing fire from bloggers for “belittling” a student who supported Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Diantha Harris of Fayetteville teaches fifth grade in Cumberland County. She left Asheville in 2004. Bloggers on Thursday had identified her as an Asheville teacher and said she “willingly browbeat and belittle a student in class for her choice of a presidential candidate,” according to Tundra Tabloids, a blog about Islamic extremism.

Harris, in an interview today with the Asheville Citizen-Times, said that’s not true. A crew from Sweden’s public broadcasting company STV visited her classroom in May for the documentary “From Bill to Barack.”

It was the Tundra Tabloids that broke the story on Monday about the Swedish documentary that captured the badgering of a young student by her teacher, Diatha Harris. It’s the very same video that Little Green Footballs posted on Thursday without giving the Tundra Tabloids any mention WHATSOEVER.
AGAIN, It’s the Tundra Tabloids that BROKE THE STORY! The TT’s dear friend DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL picked up the story from me and published it here. SCHLUSSEL gave full accreditation.
According to anonymous commenter, the following information on where Diatha Harris is teaching is as follows:
Mary McArthur Elementary School
3809 Village Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28304
Phone: (910) 424-2206
Fax: (910) 426-0756
Lets get the ball rolling here people, phone in and let your voice be heard! KGS
UPDATE: A commenter informs the TT that :
Hot Air ( just picked this up. You’re about to get alot of support. Your link has been sent to Drudge and Sean Hannity. I suspect Rush also. Great job bringing this teacher’s disgusting and vile display of brainwashing and humiliation of young pupils out into public view.
Keep up the good work.

UPDATE: Pikkupoika informs the TT that Charles Johnson REFUSES TO GIVE ACCREDITATION to the Tundra Tabloids…

Pikkupoika: Guess who has your video posted? Of course, without any credit to you.. and even this: 33 Charles 11/06/08 2:33:36 pm reply quote 6I’m not going to send any traffic to tundratabloid. Links to that site will be deleted.

UPDATE: there is also this: Charles Johnson: ‘tundratabloid’ is run by a rabidly anti-LGF hater, who supports Eurofascists.

Well Chuckles of course got it all wrong, I don’t hate LGF, I just think that the editor is an arrogant ass and self defeating primadonna. And the TT does not support ‘Eurofascists’, something of which ol’ CJ can’t even define. Charles Johnson uses the term ‘Fascists’ to smear everyone and everything that refuses to dance to his tune and pay homage to the “lidless One”.

UPDATE: Robert Spencer says it best here (to his readers) about LGF and Charles Johnson:

“I am asking you and everyone else who reads this not to go hatin’ on Charles Johnson. Do not write to him. Let us show here that we are operating on a higher level than the defamation and lie factory that Little Green Footballs, starring Killgore Trout, Sharmuta, and medaura, has become.”

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  1. Superintendent Harrison’s apologia wasn’t bad, but he needs to go further and have an official apology and explanation of the Board policy given to the affected kids, parents, teachers and community members (all of them). If you can use your influence to further that goal, I for one would be most appreciative.

    david Horowitz’s PSAF was created for this exact type of thing: //

    Lots of great language there to hammer the school board, PTA president, and superintendent.

    The kids should be informed and free to complain/file a grievance whenever this cr@p happens

    And whatever disciplinary actions teachers will recieve, should be spelled out in the welcome to school handbooks/pamphlets distributed at the beginning of every school year.

    North Carolina’s Cumberland County School Board Policy

    Political Activity:

    “Under no circumstances are assemblies, school classes, or students to be used in partisan political activities during the school day.”



    Public Complaints Policy:


    Tangential, but relevant:

    Pledge of Allegience Undermined by Santa Monica School Board

    Part 1: //

    Part 2: //

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