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What You See is What You Get…….

The howling of the pack draws nigh. As the last of the ballots are being counted, giddily happy Palestinian leaders see their chance of carving up Jerusalem, is soon to become a reality.
The Baron tells of a video that Youtube keeps knocking off line, which should give every supporter of Israel cause to be concerned. The political inertia in US foreign policy making is shifting in the direction of Israel’s enemies.
Under normal circumstances, the Tundra Tabloids would lend credibility to the notion that traditionally, US foreign policy, whether under control of the Republicans or Democrats, pretty much conforms to the same guiding principles that has overseen FP over the last 50 years or so. But that could all very well change in a matter of a few months, as the radical wing within the Democratic party, having been emboldened with B.Hussein Obama’s end run around the old guard, starts demanding bolder changes than what has been promised by the Obama campaign up until now.
While they are loathe to accept the label of, the old guard, (which is what they are) the ruling backbone of the Democratic party has been served notice with the sidelining of the Clintons. While Barack Obama is still dependent upon these “trusted old hands”, the radicals within the party however, have a new voice in Obama, and will become a major problem for the old guard to handle and maintain or just keep in check.
One of the areas that should be of concern is how the new US administration elect will conduct itself vis-a-vis the Israelis. While Obama has given lip service to the US’s traditional role of being an ally and friend of the Jewish state, rumours abound that he has also been giving signals to the Palestinians as well.
The Tundra Tabloids dear friend and fellow blogger, Debbie Schlussel, has blogged repeatedly about the tape that the LA Times is sitting on, because it shows that during the dinner event held in the honor of Rashid Khalidi, Barack Obama made some very troublesome statements like
“Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine” plus there’s been “genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis.”
There were also antisemitic and anti-Israel poems read during the same event, as well as an Arab dance called the Debka performed, in which the dance troupe more than likely repeated the same ‘kill the enemies of Palestine’ dance, which ended in the ceremonious display of cutting off the heads of kids draped in the flags of the US, UK and Israel.
If I were an Israeli, I would seriously be trying to influence my fellow countrymen to vote Likud in the upcoming elections. Another sign that Obama will be soon tested, is the fact that the Hezbollah has just fired a shot across the president elect’s bow, in claiming the northern portion of Israel is Lebanese territory.
The Tundra Tabloids extends its congratulations to the Obama campaign on winning an impressive victory. The TT also hopes that an Obama administration is as successful in denying success to the opponents of both the US and Israel, as it did McCain’s bid for president. KGS

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