SCHLUSSEL Links to Tundra Tabloids Story!


Special thanks to Debbie Schlussel for linking to the Tundra Tabloids’ Diantha Harris story. Debbie has this to say:”Forget about reading, writing, and arithmetic. Our friend, Kenneth Sikorski of Tundra Tabloids, brings us the story of Diantha Harris who belittles pro-McCain students. He has the transcript and video. A taste:Oh, Jesus, John McCain?! . . . So that means that your daddy could stay in the military for another hundred years!Is she the new chairwoman of Child Abusers for Obama? Now you know why John McCain got trounced in mock-voting in our schools.Let’s hear it for real world edyookayshun. Yes We Can . . . humiliate students. Let’s also hear it for the filtering mainstream Obamedia. We only learn about this from a Finnish blogger and expert political analyst (Sikorski) writing on a Swedish documentary.Oh, the work that some Americans (the media) just won’t do.”Thanks Deb!UPDATE: Fausta links as well!

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