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Gates of Vienna: Bart Debie and Frank Vanhecke: Link Roundup…….

For all those who are not familar with the Belgian political drama involving both Bart Debie and Frank Vanhecke, both Vlaams Belang party members and politicians, the Baron at the Gates of Vienna has kindly included a list of past links to stories posted at the GOV. KGS

Previous posts about Bart Debie and Frank Vanhecke:

2007 Sep 11 Arrests in Brussels
11 Vlaams Belang Video
11 More SIOE Brussels Updates
11 This One Takes the Prize
12 It’s Come to This
14 The Press Conference at the European Parliament
17 Dutch Language Video of Brussels on 9-11
20 Brussels’ Own 9-11
21 On the 11th of September I Broke the Law
2008 Sep 9 Lynching Frank Vanhecke
10 Once Again, Fat Freddy Says “No!”
Oct 28 Bart Debie Prepares for Prison
29 Defending Bart Debie
29 Bart Debie Has Been Released
30 A Report from Bart Debie
31 Bart Debie and Frank Vanhecke
Nov 3 So It’s Come To This, Yet Again

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