Charles Johnson Throws Robert Spencer Under the Bus……

UPDATE: Baron Bodissey notes in the TT’s comment section: “Great photoshop job! We’re all together here in the Outer Darkness Club.”
Atlas Shrugs asks: “Where’s Fallaci? Wilders is next!” Pamela has more on the Chuckster here.
Another member of the Counterjihad gets excommunicated from Little Green Footballs, as Charles Johnson throws Robert Spencer under his bus. However, Spencer joins a wonderful group of people that have already had the honor of being dumped on by CJ, they have the skid marks of CJ’s bus on their backs for some time now.
The Tundra Tabloids doesn’t have the time now to go into anything further at the moment, but check out Baron Bodissey’s wonderful piece dedicated to the most recent fallen member from grace. A Counterjihad of one. KGS

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