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Finland’s Minister of Immigration Cleans Some Toilets and Sheds a Few Tears…….

How do you get a PC sob story printed? Be a multicultural driven government Minister of Immigration, and accept a challenge by a newspaper and radio station to do manual labor like the rest of the working stiffs.

After spending an hour sweating the brow and sniffing dirty containers and toilets, then complain about the fact that many of the janitorial rank and file, are comprised mainly by immigant workers.

But wait there’s more!

To show that there is really something amiss with the current state of immigrant workers in Finland, Minister of Immigration, Astrid Thors then places the brunt of the blame on the mentality of the Finnish work force, not the immigrant.

Most Americans are very familar with stories of trained professionals woking in jobs not related to their expertice, in short, it’s called life. You learn to make do with what you have and hope that hard work and persistence will, at the end of the day, pay off.
What is also important is that feeling of acheivement after finally succeeding in your goals, it’s something that comes with hard work and sense value and worth. It’s indeed a remarkable feeling, even if one has to lower the goals to accompany new realities, but the sense of acheivement in spite of the odds, is something worth experiencing.
Not if the MC/PC political elite have anything to say about it, if there is a grievance or gripe about “unfair treatment”, the nanny state is there to smooth the feathers and soften the blow. It’s paternalism to the umpteenth power. I remember during the 80’s while visiting Israel I came to know a few Russian immigrants who were proffessionals working at odd jobs until something better came around the corner.
Those jobs did eventually materialize, but not once did I ever hear these Russian Jews complain, rather, they were very stoic about their plight and tried to do they best they could and live within their means. Perhaps if Astrid Thors would spend more time listening to the “success stories” of other immigrants, then sticking her head into a toilet and shedding crocodile tears, and blaming Finnish employers for expecting the same standards from all their workers, there would be less to cry about. KGS
Here is the translation of the subscription only article from the Helsingin Sanomat:

The Minister of Immigration speaks about toilets

“You haven’t quite seen the worst of it”, as Astrid Thors shakes the toilet brush. Thors already has learned that in cleaning, one always proceedes from the cleanest to the dirtiest part. The can of a container will always be cleaned first, then the ring and then finally the foot.

It sometimes requires character”, Thors says. “Helsingin Sanomat and Radio Helsinki challenged Minister of Immigration Thors, to a become acquainted with multicultural work. There are 12 cleaners employed at the Sokos hotel in Pasila, of which one is a native Finn. “That is surprising”, said an amazed Thors .

The Service director for the janitorial cleaning firm Sol, Aila Forsstörm said that, in her division there are 550 janitors, of which 80 percent are foreigners. There are those who are engineers, and have Master and Phd degrees, doctors kindergarten teachers, publishers, teachers, dentists, translators and one ballerina.

Thors lists what has gone wrong with employment: intergrating has come to mean roughly taking courses, foreign degrees are given the stiff arm, and demands on language skills being unbearable. The danger is, that it will create a two tier work force. If that has not already taken place. What’s in question is attitude” the Minister says. Thors doesn’t believe that there is any wonder cure.


Thors’ foreman is Vukosava Dujmovic. He’s orignally from the former Yugoslavia, Dujmovic was edjucated as a textile engineer, he’s been a janitor for five years.

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  1. Yeah and in spite of all that “help” the Russian doctor pushed the broom as a janitor.

  2. That’s what the story says.

    … I’ve not seen it in reality.

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