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Columbia Smashes Drug Ring With Hezbollah Ties…….

The dirty nexus of South American anti-US socialists, Iranians, Russians and the Hezbollah is poised to cause headaches for the region for years to come. The alliance between these parties is a major wake up call for the fence sitters in the US, who just can’t get it between their ears that the US is facing some very formidable foes, and in their own back yard, and that they need a man in the WH who is willing to confront them.

BOGOTA (al-Reuters) – Colombian authorities said on Tuesday they broke up a drug and money-laundering ring in an international operation that included the capture of three people suspected of shipping funds to Hezbollah guerrillas

More than 100 suspects were arrested in Colombia and overseas on charges they trafficked drugs and laundered cash for Colombia’s Norte del Valle cartel and for outlawed paramilitaries in a network that stretched from South America to Asia, the attorney’s general office said. “The criminal organisation used routes through Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Middle East and Europe, bringing in cash from the sale of these substances,” the statement said.

Among those arrested in Colombia were three people suspected of coordinating drug smuggling to send some of their profits to groups such as Hezbollah, the office said. Those suspects — Chekry Mahmoud Harb, Ali Mohamad Abdul Rahim and Zacaria Hussein Harb — used front companies to send drug cash overseas, it said without providing further details.

I just can’t imagine the nexus of drug runners, terrorists and their sponsors, and the vanguards of socialism and authortarianism being very worried about the response of someone who places talks without preconditions first on the White House “to do list”.

Islamofascism and terrorism and the narcotics trade, as well as every other illegal trafficking that they are involved with, proves that the dirty nexus cares very little for human life, or at least the lives of infidels and capitalists that they regard as being sub-human. What is so difficult about understanding the nature of the foe that we are up against?

Why is it that Leftists always manage to get a free pass on who they consort with, but average citizens in Europe protesting about not wanting to become a minority within their own countries, let alone be colonized by the followers of Islam, draws the wrath of the media and politicians. When has a noted Leftist newspaper in Europe ever labeled Hugo Chavez as a modern day Mussolini, and his nationalization policies and power grabbing as Fascism? Crickets chirping…
No, Europe’s doughy headed politicos and the willing media that pimp its version of the “truth” focus their sights on mom and pop citizens who are not willing to see their birth place become a second Morocco or Algeria. Excuse them for not having been invited to the great debate on whether or not multiculturalism, and being flooded by Muslims, was actually a great policy to embark on. Oh but wait, there was never any debate to be invited to, the politicians didn’t think it was neccessary to ask the people anything.
There is an evil wind brewing in the distance, and far from being over, the storm has yet to come. Who would have thought 15 years ago that Russia, Iran and the Hezbollah would be knocking at the back door of the US, and that Venezuela would be picking up where Fidel Castro had left off, and helping to bankroll the whole project? Better yet, who would have thought 30 years ago that the population in some states within Europe would soon have an Islamic majority? KGS

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