Gay Palestinian Seeks refuge in Israel…….

The Tundra Tabloids has posted on this issue time and again, that the only state in the Middle East that offers protection to minorities, is Israel. The only Middle Eastern state in which its Christian community is expanding, is in Israel. Yet the world’s human rights organizations which are highly politicized, choose to focus most of its ire on Israel, as being the worst of the worst.

Perhaps it’s because of the OIC’s influence in international affairs, or due to antisemitic perceptions about Jews in general that lead people to hold Jews to a higher standard than they do its neighboring states. It’s a form of humanitarian racism, which is attributing an intrinsic reduced responsibility to their actions of people from a certain national group or race.

But nonetheless, Israel is there to receive the regions outcasts, Jew and non-Jew alike, but will the world ever take notice?

“West Bank resident asks High Court to grant him permanent residency in Israel so he may reunite with domestic partner in Bat Yam; says his family objects to lifestyle, threatened to kill him. A 33-year-old gay Palestinian man petitioned the High Court of Justice on Sunday, asking it to grant him permanent residency in Israel so that he may live with his partner, who lives in the central Israeli city of Bat Yam.

The man, a resident of the northern West Bank village of Tamon, further claimed to fear for his life, since his family refuses to accept his sexual orientation and may try to harm him. Attorneys Yohanna Lerman and Maya Yatziv, for the plaintiff, told the court that the man and his partner met nine years ago, and have been domestic partners ever since.

According to the brief, the Palestinian’s family found out about his gay relationship in early 2000 and subsequently warned him that if he did not “reform” he will be killed to save face. The man chose to continue living with his lover in Israel, unbeknown to his family, but unfortunately, relatives residing in Jaffa informed his father that he was “still hanging out with homosexuals.”

Meanwhile, the man’s older brother was discovered to be a collaborator, and according to the petition, both family members and other Tamon residents began suspecting the plaintiff was one as well – since he was spending lengthy periods of time in Israel – placing him in even grater danger.”

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