Eastern Germany’s First Mosque Opens Amid Protests…….

It always starts with just one. Before anyone starts to judge the Tundra Tabloids’ sentiments towards mosques, one must understand what a mosque is for, and its not just for praying, but for organizing and spreading the rule and dominion of Islam.

DW: “A new mosque has opened in Berlin — the first in former East Germany. Just blocks away, some 300 people demonstrated against what they called the “Islamisation of Europe.”

Now read what the dillusional dhimmi German mayor says about the mosque, he’s just one more ignorant politician ready to sell his portion of land for the promise of that multicultural shangrila paradise the socialists have been busy selling the public on.

“Located in Berlin’s Pankow district, the 1.6 million-euro ($2.15-million) mosque has a 12-meter (39-foot) high minaret and can hold 500 worshippers.

Built for members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, the mosque was inaugurated on Thursday, Oct. 16, with a celebration attended by approximately 300 people, including Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit.

According to Wowereit, the mosque symbolizes “religious and cultural tolerance” in Berlin. His comments may have been overly optimistic, though, given that hundreds of protesting residents and the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) were gathered only blocks away from the site.”

Wake up people before it’s to late, these multicultural “snake oil salesmen” are handing you a bag full of manure and telling you its a skin moisturizer. Either believe the politicians and give it a good rub on your body, or chuck the whole bag of sh*t straight in their faces. KGS

NOTE: Sam Solomon has a three part video on Islam, listen and learn. Click here.

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