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UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki-moon: Disband Hezbollah…….

It’s as if the man has been revived from a coma.

J’lem Post: Hizbullah’s maintenance of separate military assets and infrastructure is a fundamental challenge to the government’s attempts to consolidate the sovereignty and authority of the Lebanese state,” he wrote in a six-month report to the UN Security Council, obtained Thursday by The Associated Press.

“In addition, several Palestinian militias operate in the country, inside and outside of refugee camps,” said the secretary general, adding that they also undermine the stability of the country and the region.

In the report, Ban also said he was encouraged by the positive developments in relations between Lebanon and Syria, but called on the two countries to take further steps to improve security along the border.
The Tundra Tabloids will take the UN Secretary General’s words more seriously once they become a permanent feature in UN communiques. KGS

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  1. Great! And I’m referring readers to the Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding. Nearly gagged on that one….

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