UK Muslim MP: Sharia Unfit For Society But Laws That Include Discrimination Against Religion Fine…….

Oh so close but yet so far.

Mail Online: A Labour Muslim minister has warned that Islamic law is too unsophisticated for Britain. Sadiq Khan said women could be ‘ abused’ by sharia courts, which may give unequal bargaining power to the sexes.

He said: ‘The burden is on those who want to open up these courts to persuade us why they should.’ Mr Khan, who was made a community cohesion minister in this month’s Government reshuffle, rejected the argument that the courts could operate in the same way as the Jewish Beth Din courts.

He said Muslim life in Britain was not advanced enough to run a similar religious legal system.
The MP for Tooting in South London added: ‘I would be very concerned about sharia courts applying in the UK. I don’t think there is that level of sophistication that there is in Jewish law.

Well, so far so good. But as you read further down into the article, the British MP looses his way and becomes embroiled in the free speech, right to criticize debate, coming down on the side of OIC Secretary, General Ekmeleddin Ishanoglu’s thinking that religion is exempt from criticism and ridicule.

Mr Khan: “said a law against discrimination should be extended to religion. The forthcoming Single Equality Act, which could force public bodies to actively promote equality on grounds of gender, race and disability, must also tackle religion. There should be an end to ‘Islamophobia in the workplace’, he suggested.”


It is the most disingenuous terms ever devised by the followers of Mo. If you look very closely, what they are not saying is…MuslimOphobia, the fear of individual Muslims, or collectively for that matter. No.
How they choose to frame the debate however, is to place the ideology of Islam as a racial or ethnic group, which it is neither. The whole issue of IslamOphobia is a ruse to get people to lay off the criticism of Islam. The OIC is playing that card, as well as seemingly “liberal minded” Muslims here in the West.
It’s a very bogus claim people, something to keep you or I in chains while the Islamic agenda seekers increase their gains in our Western societies. Don’t be sucked in to believing that IslamOphobia actually exists. KGS

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