Activist Journalist Sanna Negus Pimps Pali Propaganda Again…….

The woman can’t help herself. Being the activist journalist that she is, taking any story and reshaping it to fit her warped sense of reality and purpose, is as simple as taking a walk in the park or a stroll in the suq.

Writing for KEPA, (a service base for Finnish NGOs interested in development work and global issue), Negus once again whips out her laptop to produce yet another anti-Israel article (Finnish) that is void of context, but full of anti-Israel biases and nonsense.

What is fact, is that Israeli border guards have had to contend with violent Palestinian activists at the seperation anti-terror barrier in Bil’in every Friday for the past three years and a half years, and on occasion, the demonstating rock throwers even get encouragement from the media that gather to cover their moronic, but predictable protests.

Activist journalist Sanna Negus: “Every Friday for three and a half years a group of Palestinians from the village of Bil’in, Israelis and international peace activists have gathered to resist peacefully, Israel and the existence of the West Bank separation wall.” […]

The wastewater is a new weapon, but Abu Rahme remembers that the Israeli army has tried all sorts of ways to break the resistance.” “They have used tear gas, rubber variety of bullets, small contact with an explosive papupusseja, the machine that causes so loud sound that it becomes a bad feeling.”

Oh cry me a river of tears. Palestinians and their useful Western stooges throw rocks at Israeli border guards, while attempting to destroy portions of the security fence (if and when possible) that has managed to save lives on either side, since it was put up due to Palestinian terrorism. If all they get is a load full of sh*t in their mouths and a bad feeling, well so be it, I won’t be crying about it or losing any sleep over it. Nope, not me.

But Sanna Negus wants us to get all gushy about it and feel sorry for the poor hapless “protestors”, who, if pressed a bit by some hard hitting journalism, would admit that suicide/homicide terrorism is just one way to “fight the occupier”. These activists represent the fringe of the fringe, and you can count on psuedo journalists like Sanna Negus to lap up every drop of their bleeding heart propaganda.

The woman is but a shill for Palestinian extremism and terrorism, becuase she could care less that the real stories, like real incidents of human rights abuse by the Palestinian police force and government militias, honor murders and the victimization of the Christian minority by Islamonazis etc.– go unreported by YLE.

The woman is a stain on her profession. KGS

H/T: Vasarahammer

NOTE: I cam across another article by the same woman, who lauds the freedoms of non-Muslim women traveling around Saudi Arabia, as long as they remember to wear their abaya and head scarf. So apparently she has no problem wearing a religious prayer garment of a faith not her own. Another fine example of clueless journalist boob who hasn’t the sense God gave a simple jackass.

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