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Against All Odds and Promises: Boston Set to Hear The Call of the Muezzin…….

“Ask not for whom the Muezzin calls, he calls for thee,”

Solomonia has it all here:

“The Boston Globe has done a pleasant puff-piece on the Islamic Society of Boston/Muslim American Society Boston Mosque: Making peace, and prayers. Sub-head: ‘Mosque opens its doors as controversy fades’. Controversy fades? Only in the pages of the Boston Globe. Quoted in the piece are representatives of the Muslim American Society (MAS) and Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), without mentioning both groups’ ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the many controversies that stir around both groups, the mosques’ ties to Saudi extremists and funding, the fractures within the local Muslim Community itself, and the many other still-living issues surrounding the mosque project and its leadership. As Michael Graham writes today:

…Speaking of taxpayer screwjobs, the Boston Globe-Democrat has a story today about the opening of Menino’s Mosque. Interestingly, this long and detailed article leaves out the two key facts about the Islamic Society of Boston’s project:

The taxpayers of Boston subsidized the building of this mosque by “donating” a $2 million parcel of land to the ISB for less than $200,000- — a deal arranged when a member of the Boston Redevelopment Board also just happened to be a fundraiser for the ISB.

The ISB is notorious for its support of terror advocates like Mullah Al-Qawadari, who was the first prominent mullah to urge women to become suicide bombers, too. The ISB has actually distributed the teachings of this sicko. And now, thanks to Mayor Menino, they’ve got a publicly-funded mosque to continue their work..

A revealing comment appears in religion reporter Michael Paulson’s related blog entry: A view from the minaret. Paulson makes a stab at climbing the minaret. He writes:

I made it high enough to report that there’s a nice view to be had of the crescent-topped mosque dome silhouetted against the distant skyline, but not high enough to tell you what it would be like if you were the muezzin who had to go up there five times a day to chant the call to prayer. Of course, the muezzin can’t tell you either — he’s no fool — they’re going to broadcast the prayer summons (which will only happen during the day out of respect for the neighbors) by loudspeaker.

You got that people? Honesty, credibility and trustworthiness, all those valuable qualities that help build cohesion between all members of society, seems to be missing in this story. A call to the faithfull being planned despite assurances to the contrary, is just one example. KGS

Via: The Sheik

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