Bosnian Muslims Attack Gays in the Streets of Sarajevo…….

Ah, …the tolerance of the Bosnian Muslims, the myth is now shattered.

Young men attack gay

festival in Bosnia
Al-Reuters: SARAJEVO, Sept 24 – Bosnian police clashed on Wednesday with young men attacking the country’s first gay festival in Sarajevo. Police said at least eight people were injured when attackers dragged some people from vehicles and beat others in the street. A policeman was also injured. Sarajevo hospital said six people were admitted with head wounds and that a Danish visitor was the most seriously hurt.

Officers pushed dozens of young men away from the Academy of Fine Arts where about the same number of visitors attended the opening of the four-day Queer Festival. Islamic media campaigned this month against the organisation of the festival during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and anonymous death threats were made against its organisers and media that supported it. Organisers said the timing of the indoor festival of art, film and workshops about sexual minorities was coincidental.

[TT: FULL STOP! YOUNG MEN? What young men? Nice going Al-Reuters! Highly ironic don’t you think that the wire news service chooses to define the attackers as just, “young men” all the while they have defined everything that happens in Bosnia and the Balkans along religious lines.

Also: The Islamic media campaigns against the gay parade, while the Christian and Jewish media reports on the Islamic media’s campaign against it. That’s got to tell you something right there.

The next line however, is meant to soften the tarnished image the Muslims and its media have created by being openly honest about their intolerant views and their violence towards others that are not like themselves.]

In Bosnia, as in most countries in the Balkans, there is zero tolerance for homosexuals. The young men, with hoods hiding their faces and some with long beards, yelled offensive words and also Allahu akbar (God is Greatest).

[So nix the thought that it’s Christians and Jews rioting in the streets, it’s none other than the followers of Mohamed, the “madman” prophet of the Saudi Arabian desert.]

Police said one attacker was detained. Sarajevo, known for centuries for the peaceful coexistence of its Muslims, Christians and Jews, became a majority Muslim city after the 1992-95 war. (Reporting by Maja Zuvela; writing by Daria Sito-Sucic; editing by Philippa Fletcher)

Eh…not so fast al-Reuters (the wire service that lives up to its name), your centuries of peaceful co-existence should include the formation of the Moslem Bosnian SS Troopers of the Handschar Div. that helped murder over 90% of Bosnia’s Jews and burned hundreds of churches to the ground. More here about the role of Bosnian Muslims during WWII. KGS

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