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Thank you Pamela and Fjordman, the sooner we expose these “BLACK SHIRTS” the better! KGS

What follows is an essay by Fjordman on what I consider to be the dangerous, almost lethal hypocrisy of bloggers, pundits and their followers on the right who have taken up against brave men and women fighting the spread of Islamic supremacism taking over their respective countries . What began as an assault on the transatlantic CounterJjihad movement in October of last year, has metastasized. Just this past weekend, a small group of peaceful protesters were set upon and Jews were beaten while being called “Nazis” and “fascists” during what was to be a peaceful protest against the islamification of Europe.This is pure evil at its most base. I believe this polemic had a hand in empowering these thugs. Who are the Nazis, the fascists? It certainly infected the already poisonous leftist/Islamic narrative.

Then, as now, I am confounded by irrational position of those in the blogosphere that point fingers at those fighting the scourge of Islamic imperialism in Europe and America (myself included). In covering the spread of the global jihad, I am steeped in the evil of the hegemony of Islam, sharia law and the stealth jihad. One does not not have to go far to find hatred of the West, anti-semitism,and the careful dismantling of our freedoms everyday. Evil is all around us so it is nonsensical to me to spend unlimited energy trying to find an incriminating “gotcha” moment or smoking gun on folks like Filip Dewinter who have put themselves and their families at great risk to fight the leftist/Islamic alliance and align themselves with Israel.

Why sit in the middle of a haystack searching for the proverbial needle, while the barn burns?
In free societies, free man can speak, assemble, demonstrate – but no more. I stand by Europeans desperate to save their countries then and I stand by them now.
Here is Fjordman’s essay:

September23 2008
In late 2007 and early 2008, I was involved in a heated argument with the American blog Little Green Footballs and its owner Charles Johnson. I haven’t been thinking much about it since then because it consumed too much energy and I found it to be a waste of time. However, recent events have caused me to look at these issues once more. In the city of Cologne (Köln), Germany, a scheduled anti-Islamization demonstration was disrupted by an unholy alliance of Eurabian Multicultural elites and extreme Leftist “anti-Fascists.” As Thomas Landen puts it in The Brussels Journal:

“Last weekend’s events in Cologne demonstrate what European conservatives are up against. A conference protesting the building of a mega mosque run by Turkish radicals was violently disrupted by thugs who gained the approval of the local German authorities and the German media. The international media, including the so-called ‘conservative’ media, have either not written about the Cologne incidents or done so by branding the conservatives as ‘Neo-Nazis’ and the thugs as ordinary citizens bravely fighting back ‘Nazism.’ An example of the latter can be found in The Times of London.”

According to magazine Der Spiegel, “an estimated 40,000 protesters turned up in Cologne’s downtown Heumarkt area, many wearing clown suits, to disrupt the rally. They blocked urban trains to keep delegates away and raided a tourist boat shaped like a whale – called the ‘Moby Dick’ – where the far-right gathering had been hoping to hold a press conference. A Pro Cologne spokesman said, ‘Stones, bricks and paint bombs were thrown and the panoramic windows of the Moby Dick were shattered.’ Police cancelled the rally after 45 minutes. Pro Cologne organizers had to dismantle microphones and other equipment in Heumarkt while the overwhelmed riot cops tried to hold back the crowd of protesters.”
According to Der Spiegel, Police had prepared for about 1,500 far-right activists, organized by the local ‘Pro Cologne’ movement, to make a public show of discussing what they called the ‘Islamization’ of Europe.”
As the esteemed American writer and columnist Diana West commented: “The suggestion here is that no non-‘far-right activist’ could possibly be so ‘far right’ as to imagine Europe is being Islamized….The point of the anti-Islamization rally was rational discussion. But Cologne proved it values neither reason nor discussion. ‘The city was ready.’ For mob rule.”
The supposedly conservative newspaper Die Welt put up an online poll asking their readers whether they thought it was OK to ban the anti-Islamization demonstration. According to the major blog Politically Incorrect, as of midnight 86% disagreed with this policy. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, thousands of votes miraculously came in and the poll ended with exactly 50% in favor of the ban. Die Welt deleted the comment section because many comments criticized the decision to ban the Pro Cologne meeting.
Several eyewitnesses who were present this weekend were shocked by the behavior of the police, who in their eyes seemed to be acting as a surrogate of the left-wing “antifa” groups (supposedly anti-Fascists, although they tend to behave pretty much exactly like Fascists).
Read it all here. GO! KGS

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